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Polish PM demands right to talk about war


POLAND'S Prime Minister has defended a reference to his country's
wartime suffering made during a recent debate over a new EU treaty,
saying that if Jews were allowed to refer to history Poland should
be too.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski made the comments in an interview with Germany's
Die Welt newspaper made available before publication in its Friday

He stunned European Union counterparts before a summit last month by
suggesting Poland deserved more voting power because its population
would have been much larger had it not been for Nazi German
occupation during World War Two.

"I am very surprised by some people's view that you can't return to
questions of history," Mr Kaczynski was quoted as saying by Die Welt.

"The Jews also return to this question, to the question of the
Holocaust," he told the paper.

"Does that mean others may do it but not Poland?"

Mr Kaczynski accused Germans of revisionism.

"Germany was not a victim of this war. Germany was the aggressor,"
he said.

"If someone tries to give the impression that Germany's suffering is
comparable with Poland's then that is very disturbing."

Mr Kaczynski said on Wednesday Poland would push to get concessions
on an EU voting system agreed at the summit in Brussels last month.

Warsaw's insistence threatens to reignite its row with EU partners,
who say the treaty mandate was clear and does not need to be
discussed again.

Poland says it had verbal agreement from EU leaders to allow
countries to delay decisions by up to two years if they do not have
quite enough votes to block them, but EU officials say such a delay
would be at most for four months.

Mr Kaczynski told Die Welt German Chancellor Angela Merkel had
agreed that decisions could be delayed by up to two years.

"Verbal agreements are valid in civil law," he said.

"There was a political agreement, a gentlemen's agreement, and as
such it must be respected."

Re: Polish PM demands right to talk about war

Oh yeah, this is priceless.

Jarosław Kaczyński apparently misunderstood what his brother and the Foreign Minister (who were negotiating the treaty in Jarosław's absence) were explaining, and is now saying that he doesn't agree with the compromise that was made!

What a joke.

He's also a complete hypocrite. On the one hand he is barking that 'there is noting on paper' and so Poland won't necessarily be held to what it agreed. On the other hand he is talking of a verbal 'Gentleman’s' agreement that was apparently made with Merkel (about the power to delay decisions), and is calling on Germany to honour it!

Re: Polish PM demands right to talk about war

True. One twin didn't like what the other agreed. And is now stamping his feet like a child who wants an ice cream. Truely priceless .

Re: Polish PM demands right to talk about war

He has the right to talk about anything he likes, just as he has the right to dig himself into a very big hole.

He'd be less of an international joke if he talked positively about the future rather than negatively about the past.