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Polish Nicknames

I’ve been dating a girl for awhile who is of polish descent. Recently we’ve both started to give each other pet/nicknames, you know, like baby, honey, angel etc. These are great an all, but I’m trying to find something that her boyfriends from her past have never called her, something that can be more unique to us. So I’ve come to ask if anyone could share some polish versions of pet/nicknames (the loving/caring kind) like we use in English.

Also not speaking any polish myself, I’d hate to botch the pronunciation of any word I try to adopt for her, so if anyone could help me out by putting the polish word, how it’s pronounced (from an American sounding perspective), and it’s literal meaning in English I would be so very grateful.

Thanks in advance to all who can help!

Re: Polish Nicknames

How about suczka ;>?

Pronounced 'suchka'

Re: Polish Nicknames

What does it mean?

Re: Polish Nicknames


Ignore Sosh.


Re: Polish Nicknames

Sorry Chris, only joking :)

It's a little bit nicer that 'suka' though!

Re: Polish Nicknames

kochana 'kohana' = darling

Kotku 'kotkoo' kitten but is popular

Sloneczko 'swonechko' = Sunshine but also popular

Any would be very sweet.

Complements could be

MAsz ladne oczy 'mash wadne ochi' - you have beautiful eyes

Ladnie wygladasz 'wadnie vyglondash' - you look nice

ladnie pachniesz 'wadnie pahniesh' - you smell nice.


You should only worry if she calls you little bird

Re: Polish Nicknames

Kotku is in my opinion a bit tacky. I would throw up if someone called me this.

Saying piekne (pjewnknair) or sliczne (shleechnair) oczy seems much more complimentary than "ladne". I think they all mean beautiful or pretty. Czarujace oczy is also a good one (chaarooyawntze). It means bewitching eyes.

My Polish ex used to call me Aniolek (Aahnjohwek)- "little angel" which was quite sweet at the time and obviously suits me!

Re: Polish Nicknames

Skarbie (scar-be-eh) - (little) treasure
Zabciu (this one is hard to approximate in English, try zob-choo) - (little) frog
Paczuszku (also difficult, try pawn-choosh-koo) (little) jelly donut

The last two don't sound all that endearing to English speakers, but then again my Polish mother-in-law thinks it's crazy that a lot of American dads call their daughters "pumpkin" or "ginger snap." I once called my then girlfriend, now wife's house. My mother-in-law answered; not realizing it was her and thinking it was my wife, I called her paczuszku. The family still jokes about that one almost 10 years later. The Polish language is ridiculously full of diminutives, but hey have fun!

Re: Polish Nicknames

Moj Swinko.

Works every time

Re: Polish Nicknames

(my little pig)

Re: Polish Nicknames

Try 'suczko' Hans and let us know how it works

Re: Polish Nicknames

pszczółko - little bee

Re: Polish Nicknames

from a colleague ...

cat - kot - kotku, kiciu (rather ref to fem.), koteczku, kiciusiu
fish - ryba - rybko, rybciu, rybeczko
frog - żaba - żabko, żabciu, żabeczko
bear - miś - misiu, misiaczku, misiuniu, miśku

and for those capable of following a link ...


mother to pookie and pumpkin

Re: Polish Nicknames

Now, every time I try a new little Polish word out on my wife she asks me, "Who told you that?"

Black eye for me tonight, methinks.

Re: Polish Nicknames

Szczerzuju and Szczurku often work, in a kind of leftfield way.