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Old Warsaw

Somebody showed me these sites. I don't know how to post it as a link, so here are the addresses:

Click on the bit marked 'kino' for moving images of Warsaw between the wars.

Some nice pictures here

Amazing how different it looked, although it seems that a lot of buildings actually survived the war. Of course most of these images are 'picture postcard' ones, that were worth photographing or filming. It would be nice to see some more typical views - maybe there's a website with some on?

Re: Old Warsaw

I thought warsaw was completely razed and the old buildings were rebuilt from plans and memory?

Re: Old Warsaw

The Old Town was deliberately razed, but the southern part of the City Centre, the East side of the river, and most of the suburbs weren't. When people say that 90% was destroyed, it originated in a rather strict interepretation of city boundaries, and a confusion about translating the word 'zniszczone' - destroyed/damaged?.

I have an office on Jerozolimskie, which survived intact except for bullet marks which are still visible in the stonework. Also, the Germans wreaked their destruction as they retreated. They started with the Old Town, and the industrial district by the river, but by the time they got to the part the occupiers lived in (south of Jerozolimskie), they'd run out of explosives and just set light to it with what petrol they could spare. The Poles extinguished the fires as best they could, to minimise damage and save life. There are plenty of beautiful pre-war buildings left. My office building would be grade one listed if it were in London.

Re: Old Warsaw

I'd forgotten about this site, which has interactive maps. You can zoom in on any building from pre-1939 and compare it with the devastation of 1945.

Re: Old Warsaw

Don't forget that the Communists demolished a lot of buildings after the war.
Like the developers in 1960s England.