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Worst Polish Translations

Some Polish to English translations are so bad they're cringemaking, like the huge poster on Krakowskie Przedmieście advertising 'The Chopin's Parlour' (Does it mean 'The Chopin Drawing Room', 'Chopin's Drawing Room', 'Chopin's Salon' 'The Chopin Family's Drawing Room' etc.?) But an English to Polish subtitle on BBC Prime recently took the biscuit.

The previous record for sheer awfulness was 'Byłam w Oldham Aston w marcu'

The latest one, this weekend was 'Czuję się jak mały koń'.

Can you guess what the original phrases were?

Re: Worst Polish Translations

BBC Prime subtitling is truely appaling. Who are these muppets

Re: Worst Polish Translations

They're called 'Masterfilm' - most of their work involves those ghastly voiceovers for films. The subtitling they do is a sideline, and is paid for by the UK government.

Re: Worst Polish Translations

"The latest one, this weekend was 'Czuję się jak mały koń'. "

very cute!

Re: Worst Polish Translations

'Byłam w Oldham Aston w marcu' - a translation of 'I went on the Aldermaston March'

'Czuję się jak mały koń' - believe it or not, a translation of 'I'm feeling a little hoarse'!

Re: Worst Polish Translations

But Jon - you took the fun away!
I was just about to give the right answers ... and that after a hard day at the office.
Honestly, you can't tell a Yorkshireman owt.