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Fiat 126

There is now a swis owned company rebuilding 126 cars in Poland, to full rally spec. Price delivered in the UK only £8000, free rally support is thrown in.

I go to test one tommorow

No I am not buying one for that price.

I owned 3 of these great cars. I am in the Fiat 126 club in the UK.

My plan for September is fly to Poland and drive a great little 126 back.
More choice in Poland than in the UK.

Re: Fiat 126

I drove a Fiat 126, with a weird ratchet ignition system, for a few weeks, many years back. In my view: the biggest pile of shit ever invented. But each to their own!

I prefer my Land Rover. Safer. More reliable. Fun.

If you plan on driving back through Lubuskie in your death trap, drop in for tea .

Re: Fiat 126

They are real head turners in the UK real pulling wagons

Here is the company.


Also in this months Top Gear magazine.

I had 3 in Poland and one in the Uk but sold it a few months ago, now want another one, but pre 1985 as better cars, and will have a roll cage fitted and plan on tuning, no not the spoilers and big speakers, properly.

Re: Fiat 126

"They are real head turners in the UK real pulling wagons"

Ahhh. The same reason I drive a big, loud, Fiat 126 crushing, Land Rover here .

Re: Fiat 126

Will you re-register it in the UK or keep the Polish plates?

Re: Fiat 126

There's a Polish Fiat 126 for sale on ebay right now. Current price 100 pounds!


Subjest of this auction is Fiat 126p

To whom I recomend it.
For everybody who like DIY, or for pasionates - colectioners because now it's rare and shortly there will be very fiew of them.
This a vechicle have his own soul, with better and worst days. You can easily love it :)

Why I'm selling it.
I bought another vechicle and 2 cars is too expensive for me.

Condition of wechice:
I did a general overhauling:
- a lot of body work, finished with corrosion protection.
- new battery bought in October 2006
- front leaf spring, changed for new
- rear shocks, changed for new
- new clutch
- small tunning on carburettor for increse engines effecient
- new rings
- Piston and head regenerated

After finished all works I did in it 6500km including 2546km in two days trip from Kielce in Poland to Edinburgh.
After such a test I can say without any worries that machine is in good conditon.
Because of vandalism front hood require some body work.

If You have any questions please contact me email: konradsmile@o2.co.uk

Because of my english speaking on intermediate level I prefer Emial contact.
But If You want here is my mobile number 07724545865

If car don't reach my prefered price, I'll thing about the highest offer.

As payment method I prefer money hand to hand.

You can see car in Edinburgh.


Ebay Fiat 126

Re: Fiat 126

As a law abiding UK citizen.

OK! Polish plates will be much cheaper for a year at least.

If the car is over 10 years old a bit of a hassle, but plenty of old rusty 126 scrappers in the UK not that I would change the Vin that is illegal
Tut Tut naughty naughty.
For every day we have our Frontera, so the 126 will just be my pulling wagon

Re: Fiat 126

Fiat 126

Re: Fiat 126

I saw that, nasty colour, the guy is expcting £300+ for it
He has seen UK prices the problem it is LHD and VGC in the UK means something very different than in Poland.
I wrote to him in Polish he replied in bad English.

In Poland £300 buys me a 126 with a group A engine, fully race ready.

Re: Fiat 126

"I wrote to him in Polish he replied in bad English."

That is so funny!

Re: Fiat 126

Not often that one can dust off quarter century old automotive humor.

What is the quietest car to drive? A Maluch, your knees block your ears.

Did you hear that FSM is exporting Maluch engines to the U.S.? Cadillac needed a lighter wiper motor.

The only church approved birth control device. The Maluch!

Re: Fiat 126

dajwid, why do like this p.o.s?

Re: Fiat 126

The upside is that when tuned the horsepower to weight ratio is impressive. The downside is that in a front end collision the function of the occupants is to protect the engine.

Rolls Royce dealers are now selling Maluchs … as replacement ashtrays.

Re: Fiat 126

I may have found a good one in the UK!!

79 de ville, with the full sun roof.

1st job will be strip it out, roll cage, lower suspension, Disc brakes all round, 13" alloys, Stiffer springs. Then Engine work, but not too mad as still needs to be drivable on the road unlike the
Group2 cars.
Then respray, British racing green, and a 'teraz Polska' sticker in the back.

Re: Fiat 126

I have just saved my father in law's Fiat from the scrapyard. Bright orange and a real head turner