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Irena Santor

I am listening to an Irena Santor cd and I was just thinking how great it sounds.

Makes me want to pack my bags and move to Poland. Especially after a road rage incident yesterday with a cyclist who vandalised my wing mirror. Could not have "nearly killed" him as he accused if he was able to cycle after me and do that....

everyone in London is stressed at the moment. I blame the weather and lack of decent clothes in the sales. All the shops here seem to be full of kaftans with swirly patterns (well they call them tunics but whats the diff?). I hope they have a better sense of style in Poland at the moment.

Re: Irena Santor

The difference in Poland is you get run over while using a zebra crossing, or hit by a car as it jumps a red light. riding a bike on the road is worse as if the massive pot holes don't get you the next driver who arranged his driving licence will.

Depression, Most people walk around deppressed from small villiges to bug cities as most have given up any hope.

Shopping is much better, but most poles can't afford to buy the stuff anyway, so off to 'Lumpeks' it is.

I think you should be happy with what you have, really.

Saying that I took a large group of Kids up to Cambridge and while waiting for 2 hours listened to Old 'Varius Manx' I missed Poland too.

Re: Irena Santor

At that time of night you should be safely counting sheep.

Re: Irena Santor

"riding a bike on the road is worse as if the massive pot holes don't get you the next driver who arranged his driving licence will."

excellent - a cyclist unfriendly country still exists!

Actually I had to scrap a car five years ago when it was no longer cost effective to repair and decided I would cycle while I looked around for a decent new one. Haha great plan -not! It is really difficult cycling in London as cycle paths run out after 100 metres and London roads are also full of potholes near the kerbs. People open car doors in your path and walk out in front of you. People walking on pavements try to talk to you and you really do need a gas mask.

I don't have a clue why people insist on going through this pain every day. No wonder the stalwart cyclists develop a complex and harbour deep seated aggression towards cars and people in general. They must have an extra gene.

(Varsovian we are an hour behind here compared to the forum so I was counting "owce" at the appropriate time! )

Re: Irena Santor

Sorry, Ania
And, anyway, I suppose I should show less interest in what you get up to at night time
Still, one hour before midnight is worth 2 after ...

Re: Irena Santor

>and you really do need a gas mask.

Yes, because of all you people taking cars to work ;p

Cycling is the way ahead!

Re: Irena Santor

"Cycling is the way ahead!"

Boo! All cyclists should move to cambridge or oxford which is where they belong.

Re: Irena Santor

Cyclists are three times as arrogant as motorists and a danger to pedestrians. And at least motorists usually slow down at zebra crossings. The filthy contraptions should be taxed & insured & require a licence.

Re: Irena Santor

It would be a good idea that cyclists should have a licence or pass a test of some sorts to drive on main roads. They frequently pay no attention to safety, criss crossing lanes and arbitrarily decide to switch the highway code on and off when it suits them, by driving right through red lights etc.

Re: Irena Santor

I hate bicyclers. Especially the jackasses who take up the road, dressed in tights thinking they’re on Tour de France. Freaks.

Re: Irena Santor

>>Cyclists are three times as arrogant as motorists and a danger to pedestrians.

Oh, I thought it was 4.5 times!

Re: Irena Santor

Cycling in Poland - you need to have a licence of some sort, though normally it doesn't matter.

Your choice: either a cycle proficiency licence or a driving licence. If you don't have a cycling proficiency licence and you are caught cycling drunk, then your driving licence is taken away.