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German migration to the UK

Yesterday I was in a pub where last year all the bar staff were Polish. Yesterday all the bar staff seemed to be German. The barmaid was talking to customers in English and in between was chatting away to her friend in German.

Are the Germans following the Poles to the UK in search of jobs and a different lifestyle/ new life experiences?

Re: German migration to the UK

Most Germans secretly admire England and the English. Most speak very good English. Therefore England is probably a popular destination. We certainly see lots of Germans on holiday here in Devon.

Re: German migration to the UK

While you get tourists of all nationalities in the UK, I do think it's unusual to see Germans working in a bar in London. Not that many Germans have come to England to work in the past twenty years. I wondered if this trend is changing.

Re: German migration to the UK

Germans are increasingly likely to study abroad and to work internships abroad. Their most popular destination for studies is Britain and for internships the U.S.

It’s all right here with charts, graphs and everything: