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the weather

Ok pouring down buckets here at the moment and I mean BUCKETS!!

All the tubes were affected yesterday and I saw on the news some people are stranded in flooding in the UK.

I hope Poland is having a nicer summer....

Re: the weather

It's very hot here. No rain. Just heat. 30c

Re: the weather

Heavy rain now. Great

Re: the weather

We have sparkling sunshine here today for a change

Re: the weather

I pity the poor buggers in SW England.
Floods, no drinking water, now electricity threatened too.

Re: the weather

It feels like Britannia is sinking beneath the waves - maybe we/they should all move to Poland. Here in Jelitkowo everybody's sunbathing and eating icecream.

Re: the weather

Ah..but don't forget that Poland suffers terrible flooding too sometimes. A few years ago I think there was a similar situation to the current one in the UK. Also in 1980 when I first visited there was extensive flooding all over Poland in August and the crop for that year was completely ruined.

Re: the weather

And the mozzies in Poland have never quietened down since.

Oh, waking up to that lovely whining sound at 3 a.m. and at 1 p.m. yesterday (while sunbathing in the garden).

Re: the weather

The Met Office long-range forecast for the summer: "the hottest and driest on record".

"The Weather Outlook" long-range forecast for the UK:
Temperature: Above average.
Precipitation: Slightly below average.
More fine and very warm weather is expected at times during the first half of the month, although a change to less settled conditions for a time is likely and this should bring some rain across all of the UK. As we head towards the middle of the month high pressure is expected to extend across much of the UK bringing some fine, settled and very warm or perhaps even hot conditions. The weather during the second half of the month is expected to be warm or very warm at times across much of the UK. Some bands of rain are expected to affect northern areas at times, but in the south these are likely to be patchy with the emphasis on reasonable conditions with sunny spells. From time to time during the month we think there will be a significant risk of thunderstorms developing locally, most notably later on.

All caused by climate change, of course.

"Environment Agency chief executive Baroness Young said £1bn a year was needed to prevent future flooding.

She told the BBC that climate change would increase the likelihood of flooding and even with more investment in defences the risk could never be completely eliminated."

Perhaps we could cut the bull ...