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Visa Requirement

I see that a Congressional subcommittee has recommeded that Poland (and all other former Communist countries in central Europe) not be allowed into the Visa Waiver program. I predicted this would happen.

The main reason given is security concerns, but I think the real reason is immigration. If several million left for the U.K., how many do you think would leave for the U.S.?

As it is, 90% of all visa applications are approved (according to the New York Times), so maybe the requirement is not that bad. But 30% of those who do go, overstay their visa (again according to the NYT). So if the requirement is lifted, I think we would see another mass exodus.

I don't think the issue will be discussed in Washington until the next administration takes power.

Re: Visa Requirement

The Americans would be crazy to allow Poles into the visa waiver program.

Re: Visa Requirement

I’m not confronted with product instructions, automated telephone messages or bank teller machines wasting my time mis-communicating to me in Polish the way that my time is wasted with constant bad Spanish.

The U.S. immigration problem is not 38.5 million people across an ocean with 99.8 % literacy but 109 million people with a purported 90% literacy across a river.

Re: Visa Requirement

And at the current rate of exchange ...

Re: Visa Requirement

Last year, in London, my son pointed out that: “the prices in McDonalds are the same as at home”

“No; here the prices are in Pounds, at home the prices are in Dollars.”

I am bracing for the shock when I’m in the UK in a couple of weeks.