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Germany wants stolen art returned

Germany Wants Poland to Return Works of Art Left in Poland after WWII - Poland should return a number of artifacts that were left behind by Germans expelled from their homes after the Second World War, the German press wrote quoting German negotiator Tono Eitel, who described previously German-owned works of art in Poland as "art that was robbed." Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Anna Fotyga said she is shocked with this kind of rhetoric. [Rzeczpospolita]

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

Probably a retort to Poland's recent request for its looted art to be returned

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

The Germans are alleging that there are secret stores in Poland and Russia of looted artworks.

Worth remembering that the wartime German government were the worst offenders for stealing art and national treasures, and much of this has never surfaced.

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

"Germany wants stolen art returned"

what a joke...

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

""Germany wants stolen art returned"

what a joke... "

Quite. They should return The Amber Room to the Russians and rebuild some of the 1920s modernist architecture they dynamited in Poland before they start demanding things from the Russians or Poles.

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

I believe nobody knows quite where the amber rooom is. Some say it was destroyed in Konigsberg (Kalingrad). Some say it was dismantled and buried somewhere.

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

One problem with The Amber Room is that amber decays with time. By the time the Germans got there, it was too brittle for the curators to dismantle quickly and hide from Jerry. If it still exists (and one little piece turned up a few years ago, though some say the majority was either burnt or submerged when the 'Wilhelm Gustlof' sank) buried somewhere, it would be in extremely poor condition.

A Polish historian went on TV a couple of years ago, saying it was buried in Silesia. Interesting thought.

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

Germans were notorious for robbing during the second ww. The whole idea of their ‘leaving art behind’ is ludicrous.

Anyway, this sort of dwelling on the past is pointless.

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

More on the story.

Poland rejects call to return German artworks

WARSAW: Poland has rejected calls for it to return a collection of German cultural treasures - including original manuscripts by Goethe, Beethoven, Mozart and Bach - held in Polish archives since World War II, calling such demands "entirely groundless."

In a statement Tuesday, the Polish Foreign Ministry said "all artworks, library and archive materials and all other objects of German origin that found themselves on Polish territory in connection with World War II were taken over by the Polish state on the basis of the appropriate legal acts." The ministry added that the judgment was "final" and said any claims were "entirely groundless and could not be taken into consideration."

Any mention of German claims from World War II is a sore point in Poland, which was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939 and subjected to a brutal five-year occupation in which six million Polish citizens died.

Last week, the leading German daily Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung criticized Poland for not returning treasures from the so-called Prussian State Library, a collection of priceless German books and manuscripts, calling them "the last German prisoners of war."

But German claims on cultural items offend Poles, who remember how Nazis plundered Polish artworks, burned libraries and archives and systematically razed Warsaw, dynamiting cultural landmarks, including churches and royal palaces.

"Polish public opinion still remembers the artworks carted away, the burned libraries and archives, whose loss was never made up for," the Foreign Ministry statement said.

The Nazis transferred the Prussian collection from Berlin to 29 places across the Third Reich to protect it from Allied bombing. About 500 wooden boxes with thousands of manuscripts and documents were hidden at the Ksiaz Castle in the Sudety mountains, and later moved to a convent further south in what was then Germany.

But they wound up on Polish territory when the border was shifted west after the war. The Polish authorities moved the collection to the Jagiellonian University Library in Krakow for safekeeping.

A small part of the collection was returned to Germany in 1977, when the leader of Communist Poland, Edward Gierek, gave the East German Communist leader, Erich Honecker, seven musical items. They included Mozart's handwritten sheet music to the opera "The Magic Flute" and part of Beethoven's manuscript of his Ninth Symphony, said the director of the Jagiellonian Library, Zdzislaw Pietrzyk.

Warsaw expressed its willingness to discuss with Berlin a host of issues that have strained relations, but said such talks must "take into consideration the demands of Polish national interest."

The German Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Julia Gross, said the government "welcomes the fact that in this statement the Polish government signaled its readiness for talks."

Asked if talks were still taking place about the return of cultural items, Gross said that "there are contacts between the two sides, but the discussions could be more intensive"

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

Anyway, this sort of dwelling on the past is pointless.

First Poland winds up Germany then complains when they reply.
It is more like a school playground, the sooner this government is changed the better.
We could always just break Poland into bits and just share it out between Germany..........
Oh sorry tried that idea before

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

I'm glad they have brought all this crap to the surface. They might finally both be able to move on.

As to your last comment Dajwid...would you like Russia to be in the EU? Are you a Putin fan?

Re: Germany wants stolen art returned

It is certainly more European than Turkey
I would prefer russia to them anyday.
But no I don't want them. Russia in the EU Jesus Christ!, scary thought.