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UK: Warning as dental tourism booms


Thousands are seeking cut-price dental work overseas because they
cannot get an appointment on the Health Service, it has been

The most popular destinations are Hungary and Poland where treatment
can be several thousand pounds cheaper than private work here.

Experts warned last night, however, that these trips could be a
false economy.

Frances Blunden of consumer magazine Which? said: "People should go
into this with their eyes wide open.

"They need to be mindful of what would happen if they needed follow-
up treatment. They could end up having to pay twice over. And it
will be very hard to complain."

The figures issued by the health tourism website Reva-Health.com
show that 35,000 Britons a year are travelling abroad for dental

This number is expected to increase in the next year to between
52,500 and 70,000.

Tourists are apparently saving an average of € ¦£3,745.

The typical value of overseas dental treatments on the website was
€ ¦£2,200 before travel costs. The same treatment here would cost
around € ¦£5,945.

Recent figures from Which? showed that more than a million patients
cannot get an appointment for their teeth on the NHS.

Around 500 dentists left the service in one year after the
Government botched the introduction of a new contract.

RevaHealth.com chief executive Caelen King said: "There are many
good reasons why people are deciding to travel abroad, including
long waiting lists and the potential for massive cost savings."

However, Peter Ward, chief executive of the British Dental
Association, said: "Perhaps people should look beyond the economic
reasons for going abroad and make sure the level of service they are
getting is comparable with the UK."

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

Tough! People will go where the service is cheapest and the best.

Teraz Polska

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

You reckon Polish dentists can be trusted Dajwid?

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

I prefer to deal with someone who speaks English and is close at hand. My dentist is also very nice.

Some people go to East Europe for plastic surgery.

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

I think anyone having surgery abroad is at risk if anything should go wrong later. It's risky enough having plastic surgery or dental treatment in the UK. To go abroad (unless you are going to a world renowned specialist) and purely for financial reasons seems crazy to me.

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

Polish dentists are great, the surgeries are fantastic everything new, just go private.

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

Are they regulated? What recourse do you have if someone makes a mess?

Mind you in the UK they are supposedly regulated but if you go private you are pretty much in the lap of the gods if things go wrong. The professional organisations here look after their members.

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

Polish dentists in my experience are great. Very skilled and not too expensive. I wonder if any are setting up practices in the UK? The country certainly needs it.

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

I guess I just don't trust any dentist....

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

There are some great dentists here. People say to avoid the cheapest of the Warsaw ones - they're cheap for a reason. Mine is quite a posh one, and I don't mind paying for a good quality service, but it's also a good idea to go out of the capital if you want to keep prices down.

Re: UK: Warning as dental tourism booms

Changing tack a little - an acquaintance of mine was given the all-clear by 2 NHS oncologists before deciding to seek treatment abroad, in Greece. Hopefully, it will save her life.
My daughter was undiagnosed for a medical condition in the UK before being properly diagnosed in the Children's Health Centre in Warsaw.
My father was killed by medical incompetence in England (ooops, we forgot to stop the bleeding before stitching him up ...)
Yeah, like I really do trust UK medics. Bunch of overpaid, lazy good-for-nothings. Go to a specialist Warsaw hospital and the consultants work their socks off seeing loads of people every day. Not so with the bloated UK consultants.