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Auchwitz British Prisoners of War

Auchwitz British Prisoners of War

My Father .. he is still alive 87 years old. must be the last British POW to held captive in the German Horror camp at Auchwitz.He was captuted in North africa a member of the Royal Artillery near Torbruk.He was shipped off to Italy on a POW ship.He's Glad he was captured then, because the German POW ship after him was torpedoed by British submarine The Germans did not open the hatches to let the British out and they all drowned.

He was marched up the length of Italy on starvation rations crossing the Carthpathian Mountains in the middle of the winter the route was lined with frozen bodies stacked up , it you dropped the Germans left you to die or shot you!

He was at 2 POW camps finally reaching moszowitz near Auchwitz this was next to the horror camp where the Jews were being murdered,He rembers the smell...like burning pork everywhere and the Chimneys of the cemetoria.
There were Jew,Gipsies ,Homosexuals Russians all there to be killed,The Cappo's in charge were Criminals who beat up and killed the Jews and Russians.
But my Dad BOB was used as forced labour for IG Farben at the Synthetic rubber and petrolem plant next to Auchwitz .The British POW's sabotaged the work the did ,Using Blanking plates on Pipes they installed, eventually they were only trusted to dig diches.
The food was starvation diet type, black bread and Soup,there was a rota on who got the more nutritious bottom of the pot.The Red Cross parcels kept them going ,dad a non-smoker swapped his fags for more food, this probably save his life.
They BBC news was read every night in the huts it was picked up by a hommade clandestine wireless.So when D day came the POW's knew all about it.

If any of the British POW spoke to a Pole or Russian , it was the Kiss of death for the foregeiner.
One Night The Americans Bombed the Rubber Plant..but missed hitting the British POW camp instead. My dad's pals either side of him were blown to bits it was a miricle he survied.
He was aware of all the killing of the Jews He was a British Army private not a Jew butwas kept at Auchwitz.
He remembers seeing an aeroplane without a propeller,and thought it must be driven by compressed air,It was a German ME262 German Jet so he was no so far off the mark.
He was moved by the German guards towards the American lines when it came obvious the Germans were losing ,they(Germans ) did not want be captured by the Russians and have all the incrimiating evidence of the hollocaust to condem them,
He was handed over to the Americans weighing only 6 stone ,was flown back to England in a Lancaster bomber never been so glad to see the white cliffs of Dover.


Re: Auchwitz British Prisoners of War

Other very interesting personal accounts about Poland on same site:-


Re: Auchwitz British Prisoners of War

There were quite a few British people in Poland at the start of the war (1800 practising Anglicans in Warsaw, some of them expats working for UK companies as well as many ethnic Britsh people who lived here for generations). There's even a Pałac Briggs'a just to the east of the city. Wonder what happened to them all? Did many survive?

Re: Auchwitz British Prisoners of War

there's a personal account by one of the British prisoners at Oświęcim here: