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Polish Women Resent EU-Pushed Gov't Program Discouraging Stay-at-Home mums


Polish women are expressing their indignation at a new EU-funded
government campaign that discriminates against stay-at-home moms by
pressuring women to be self-sufficient wage earners outside the
home, Polish Radio (PR) reports.

Financed by the EU Structural Funds, the Polish government is
launching a massive campaign to encourage women to work outside the
home. Beginning in September, the "Woman Fulfilled in Business"
campaign will launch TV ads, documentaries, billboards and a
website. One of the posters to be put up around cities compares a
self-satisfied, independent workingwoman to one who is
futilely "waiting for a fairy tale prince".

Women's rights activist Inga Kaluzynska is disturbed by the heavily
biased message that the government is pushing. Reminded of the
communist era, she noted that the campaign slaps stay-at-home
mothers with a negative image.

"This ideological project reminds me of socialist times," said
Kaluzynska, as quoted in PR. "Communists also wanted to send women
on tractors. Women are free to choose a lifestyle but this program
will only deepen negative stereotypes of women who stay at home and
it will undermine the value of family life."

The campaign is "simply harmful to womanhood," she continued. In
addition, "it is symptomatic that this project is welcome by leftist
ideologues and abortion enthusiasts who are by definition prejudiced
against natural role models."

"As a mother and a feminist, I don't find this project women-

Similarly, lawyer Joanna Potocka of the Adam Smith Center described
the government campaign as "discriminatory" and "unfair" towards
stay-at-home mothers whose hard work should be "acknowledge and
respected". They should not be portrayed as "sitting in the kitchen"
all day.

Indicating that the campaign is agenda-driven, Potocka summed up the
situation, saying, "Women in Poland have the highest participation
in self-employment in the whole of European Union. Therefore it
seems that this campaign is badly targeted, as it is addressing a
non-existent problem."

"Polish women are not helpless," she declared.

"The campaign discriminates against one lifestyle and therefore
limits the freedom of women," Potocka concluded, "Working outside of
home, staying at home, or combining the two should be treated
equally by the government."

Re: Polish Women Resent EU-Pushed Gov't Program Discouraging Stay-at-Home mums

It's about adverising and media companies grabbing EU money for themselves.