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President Bush and Polish agriculture

Well, Bush is pushing his ethanol-from-maize plan and this is having knock-on effects on commodity prices. Maize prices have rocketed, as has wheat seeing as farmers are switching crops.
Good news for Polish grain farmers. One problem is that the EU wants all EU countries to switch over to ethanol-production instead of food production (I'm not joking - they don't seem to think we need to eat). Another knock-on effect is that water tables are falling in some parts of the world as irrigation is used on marginal land to produce ethanol crops such as physic nuts.
The cheap food era is coming to an end, and you'll be able to thank the eco-freaks for engineering a return to starvation in the 3rd world, where they don't read the Guardian.

Re: President Bush and Polish agriculture

Is this really true? The EU can't be that daft....
Can they?

Re: President Bush and Polish agriculture

This is not as ridiculous as wind turbines being set up in areas of the UK with no wind just to meet government green targets. Not sure how true that is but it was in one of the papers today.