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UK: Makro launches Polish products


A COVENTRY company has launched a new range of Polish products to
cater for the growing eastern European communities in the city.

Cash and carry firm Makro, based off the A444 at Rowleys Green, is
selling 100 Polish lines including beer, confectionery, cured meats
and dairy products.

Tyskie and Lech beer, Sokolow frankfurters, Lowicz jams and soups
and Wawel sweets are just some of the brands that will be available.
Kenny Jacobs, Makro's customer manager, said the Coventry store was
among 18 company outlets selling the new range of products.

He said: "We supply millions of businesses across the UK, including
the hotel and catering sector, with food and non-food produce. We
pride ourselves on offering a great variety at Makro, but also on
providing specialist goods and items.

"With reports that eastern European communities in towns such as
Coventry are growing, we want to ensure we have the products these
communities need so we are giving the best level of service."

Coventry and Warwickshire have seen an influx of Polish people since
Poland joined the European Union three years ago.

An estimated 4,000 Poles applied for work permits last year.

Some of these are driving buses for Coventry Travel following a huge
recruitment drive in Warsaw, while other entrepreneurs have opened
two Polish supermarkets in the city.

The number of eastern European people buying property in Coventry
has risen over the past three months and in July this year, Wizz
airlines started operating flights between Coventry and the
provincial capital of Katowice.

Makro employs 6,500 people at its UK stores, which each houses
25,000 products.

The company is part of the METRO Group, which operates in 30
countries worldwide.

Re: UK: Makro launches Polish products

This article made me think about the impact the Poles in the UK are having on the Polish economy back home.

They may not be spending their pounds in Poland, but if Polish products are being imported on such a large scale then maybe their being here and creating growth in the UK economy, is creating certain growth areas in the Polish economy too.

Is it worth buying shares in Tyskie?!

Re: UK: Makro launches Polish products

Probably not. All or almost all Polish breweries are no longer owned by Polish companies.

Re: UK: Makro launches Polish products

>>An estimated 4,000 Poles applied for work permits last year.

Work permit? eh?

Re: UK: Makro launches Polish products

Maybe they mean national insurance number applications in Coventry!

Re: UK: Makro launches Polish products

I think they have to register to say they are working here.