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Vaffanculo to Poland's political class

An Italian comedian's campaign telling politicians to F-Off has won the support of more than 300,000 Italians who signed petitions to sweep away a generation of lawmakers they say are corrupt and ineffective.

Popular comic Beppe Grillo has sent shock waves through the political system with the level of support for his campaign which, if successful, would bar convicted felons from parliament and would limit politicians' careers to two terms in office.

"Nothing has changed since 1943. Then the king fled a nation in disarray, today politicians barricade themselves in palaces immersed in 'cultural' issues," said Grillo who, by the end of the protest in the early hours of Sunday claimed at least 300,000 signatures to his petition.

The manifesto contains three points: no one with criminal records should be allowed in parliament; a maximum of two terms for any parliamentarian; and lawmakers should be elected directly, not by the current party list system.


Hmmm - I can't see any similarities with Poland at all.

Re: Vaffanculo to Poland's political class

Unfortunately we'll be hearing quite a lot from Poland's political class in the run up to the election.

Re: Vaffanculo to Poland's political class

“and lawmakers should be elected directly, not by the current party list system.”

Yes! Proportional representation is merely a masquerade of democracy that rewards the fringe and devalues a moderate majority. District elections determined by vote plurality are the basis for stable centrist government.

Re: Vaffanculo to Poland's political class

Couldn't agree more!
And regular one-to-one meetings between elected representatives and constituents.