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GBP 200 bribe not to have an abortion

You've got to admire the PR package - apparently it's money to encourage good eating habits, and it's payable late on in pregnancy.

They should make it GBP 1000 though, to discourage women from killing their unborn kids. Good idea, undermined by stinginess. So British ...

Re: GBP 200 bribe not to have an abortion

One problem is that the people who are likely to care about healthy eating during pregnancy probably don't need 200 quid, and people who need 200 quid are likely to spend it on DVDs, burberry baseball caps and skunk weed.

C'est la vie.

Re: GBP 200 bribe not to have an abortion

What is this story about?

The money paid out (if she visits six different places and fills in six different forms) after a mother gives birth - 1000 zloties?

Re: GBP 200 bribe not to have an abortion

That's a different thing. The 1000zl in Poland seems to have run out anyway. This is 200 punds for women in UK. Charities say its good in theory, not so good in practise.