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Warsaw Zoo& rescued Jews

An interesting book review:

A ouple that saved Jews in Warsaw Ghetto

Diane Ackerman has written a book called The Zookeeper’s Wife, and it is about a married couple—specifically the director of the Warsaw Zoo and his wife who worked to hide about 300 Jews during Nazi occupation.

They worked on getting as many Jews as they could out of the ghetto and move them into animal cages, providing them with food and a place to hide from the Nazis.

A review in the New York Times said, “This is an absorbing book, diminished sometimes by the choppy way Ackerman balances Antonina’s account with the larger story of the Warsaw Holocaust.” Antonina is the wife’s name.

Publishers Weekly has said, “Ackerman's writing is viscerally evocative, as in her description of the effects of the German bombing of the zoo area: ... the sky broke open and whistling fire hurtled down, cages exploded, moats rained upward, iron bars squealed as they wrenched apart. This suspenseful beautifully crafted story deserves a wide readership.”

Re: Warsaw Zoo& rescued Jews

Thanks, I will try to get it tommorow.

Re: Warsaw Zoo& rescued Jews

Jon, thanks for "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" - good book.

Re: Warsaw Zoo& rescued Jews

Talking of rescued Jews, my wife's uncle saved a couple of Jews unbeknown to his family until his deathbed.
It helped to set him up for life because one of the Jews rose to a high rank in the secret police and became his "protector". That way he was able to carry on a successful private business through the years of Stalinism and ensure that his children got good jobs. His grandchildren are still doing well on the back of his actions. Such is Poland.

Re: Warsaw Zoo& rescued Jews

"Jon, thanks for "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" - good book. "

She wrote some more, but the American Bookstore don't stock them. Just read a couple of Carl Hiaasen novels. Not great literature, but really funny!