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Linking president to penis may put Pole in prison

First the article:
Fri Sep 14, 8:53 AM ET

A Polish computer programmer could face up to three years in jail for linking a Polish word for penis to the presidential Web site.

Marek W., 23, created a programme that caused the official home page of Polish President Lech Kaczynski to rank first in the list of results on the Google search engine when "kutas", a vulgar term in Polish, was typed in by an Internet user.

The computer programme did something similar to a practice known as "Google bombing" that links the Web sites of politicians and companies to insulting words or phrases.

He has been charged with insulting the president and prosecutors said on Friday he could face up to three years in jail if convicted.

"This is not a matter of freedom of speech," said Andrzej Holdys, a regional prosecutor in the southern town of Cieszyn, where the programmer lives.

"If somebody uses a derogatory word to libel the head of state than it's a clear insult which violates the law."

Police said the suspect confessed to writing a programme to test his skills at creating a Google bomb. Police and prosecutors did not give the programmer's full name, as is usual when someone faces charges in Poland. He has not been detained.

President Kaczynski and his twin brother, the prime minister, have been popular targets for jokes and caricatures both in Poland and abroad. They are referred to as the "ducks" because their name is related to the Polish word for the bird.

Jacek Bialas of Amnesty International in Poland criticised the charges against Marek W.. "If the president felt insulted, he should have sued as a private person," he said.

My question:
Is this how a head of state should react to every knucklehead? Do you think a Bush, a Brown, a Merkel or a Sarkozy haven't had similar or worse things done to them? All Kaczynski is doing is making himself look small time and petty. By the way, this article was in Yahoo's/Reuter's "Odd News" section. That's exactly the image Poland wants to portray - oddness.

Re: Linking president to penis may put Pole in prison

He should have been given a medal )

I agree though, charging him only makes Kaczynski look foolish, yet again. goes back to the 'potato' charge, where a German called him a potato.

Lets be honest he is a Knob.

Re: Linking president to penis may put Pole in prison

I only wonder which of the Kaczynski circle happened to be searching for kutas on Google

Re: Linking president to penis may put Pole in prison

The official Presidential home page:


Re: Linking president to penis may put Pole in prison

Perhaps one of them was trying out his English? You know, cute ass ...