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Communists could return to power in Poland

An article from yesterday's Daily Telegraph.

Communists could return to power in Poland

Poland's ruling Kaczynski twins, who have pursued a tireless campaign against former communists, could end up sharing power with them after the election.

The bizarre alliance could be forced on the twins after two years in power which have seen them alienate other potential coalition partners.

Latest polls suggest that only three political parties, including the Kaczynskis' Law and Justice Party, will cross the five per cent threshold to win seats in the parliamentary election on October 21.

The others are the Civic Platform, a pro-business party with which Law and Justice is currently neck and neck, and the Left and Democrats coalition, which is dominated by former communists.

Those who would not pass the five per cent mark include the band of highly conservative Right-wing and rural parties which were part of the Kaczynskis' coalition until it collapsed last month.

An alliance between Law and Justice and Civic Platform would create a huge majority.

But after the Kaczynskis shunned a similar partnership following the close-run 2005 election, a bruising rivalry between the two parties has left their relations in tatters.

At the time, the Kaczynskis chose instead to pursue a strident Right-wing agenda with fringe parties.

The Kaczynskis have made hounding former communists a central element of their two years in power, rooting out key figures in government and state bureaucracy whom they accuse of "collaboration" with Poland's post-war Soviet regime.

On a trip to Finland (to watch football at the taxpayers expense) this week, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the prime minister - his brother Lech is president - said that despite the tensions "coalitions are possible, including one with Civic Platform, although it is not helped by its defamatory rhetoric".

Re: Communists could return to power in Poland

It wouldn't surprise me. People probably look back on communism with nostalgia given the way things are going in Poland at the moment. At least there was no grafitti in those days and blocks were well maintained.

Re: Communists could return to power in Poland

It is a shame that the current right and center of Polish politics does not have someone as erudite and avuncular as Piotr Gadzinowski. I disagree with much of his politics, but at least he is entertaining to listen to.