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Poland in bid to coax migrants home


Poland launched a campaign today to bring home millions of young
people who have emigrated to Western Europe in search of better paid
jobs, threatening to undermine their homeland's economy.

An estimated two million Poles have left since the country joined the
European Union in 2004, seeking higher wages and better living
conditions. Over 63,000 are now living in Ireland, according to
Census 2006.

The exodus has caused a labour shortage in Poland. That has driven
wages sharply higher and fanned fears that inflation could rise and
that an economic boom could stall.

The issue has also become a hot topic ahead of a parliamentary
election on October 21st, with opposition parties accusing President
Lech Kaczynski and twin brother Jaroslaw, the prime minister, of
doing nothing to help young people return.

"Our goal is to convince most of these people to come back to
Poland," the president told a news conference. "The young people who
are abroad will be encouraged to return because there are also
opportunities for them here."

He also said the government would work on a package of new
legislation to support the comeback.

Polish officials fear those who emigrated will settle down and raise
children abroad, abandoning plans to return.

Polish central bank policy-makers, who have raised the main interest
rate three times this year to 4.75 per cent, fear the tight labour
market will push wages higher and fuel inflation. Wages rose 10.5 per
cent in the year to August, the fastest for seven years.

Re: Poland in bid to coax migrants home

Many left because of the idiot twins, when they go and many of the others running Poland it will get back on it's feet.

These people ruined all the work done over the past 15 years.

Sadly many will never return.
I always said that if Kaczinski got into power I would leave, I said a lot of things when interviewed by wyborcza sadly the story got changed and nothing political was printed.

Re: Poland in bid to coax migrants home

I have an idiot cousin who emigrated to London - he has all the (monetary) reasons in the world to return, but life in a small town after living in London would be unbearable for him

Re: Poland in bid to coax migrants home

Most will have got used to the money they can earn in the UK and the freedom of being away from parents and family. The won't return.

Some of the ones who can't speak English and feel isolated from family and friends will.

More Poles arrive in my home town every day.