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Poland's delaying tactics in Europe

Poland wants to revise the proposed EU Constitution.

The outcome of the upcoming summit in Lisbon (18-19 October) is fortunately being put at risk by Poland, which has put forward three major negotiation provisos, including member states' right to delay “for a reasonable time” an initiative backed by a majority of other states, and the placing of a permanent Polish senior official in the European Court of Justice.

Bravo for Poland! More guts than Bliar/Brown ever had. And I personally hope the summit is a total failure - the cheek of national govts to approve an EU constitution without referenda is unbelievable in light of the French, Dutch, Irish and Danish "No" votes.

As Barroso said, "We'll keep on voting until they get it right."

Re: Poland's delaying tactics in Europe

Didn't Poland or rather the twins actually agree to this and then change their mind?

Referendum - why?

Aren't politicians elected to make such decisions ...

Re: Poland's delaying tactics in Europe

“Referendum - why?

Aren't politicians elected to make such decisions ...”

All government derives its legitimacy from the consent of the governed. Any Euro-government would be inherently illegitimate without such consent. There would be a certain abrogation of responsibility by any politician who conferred his sovereign duties to a third entity without first obtaining the consent of his constituency