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One for any techies out there.

We suffered quite a few power failures last winter in our village (one for over three days), and as it was not a particularly bad winter, I expect this year we will get more. I am therefore looking to get a generator as back up and whilst I have a reasonable understanding of the size we require (big!), I am a bit thrown by the supply to our farm which is 3 phase. My question is whether I will require a 3 phase generator (if there is such a thing) or would a standard one do? I would want this wired into the house supply so will have to employ an electrician but if anyone has any experience of this, I would appreciate any help. I have tried searching the web but without much success.

Thanks for any help.

Re: Generator

My grandfather had a Lister CS Slow speed diesel generator powering his farmhouse. Never had a single problem with it and it ran for years and years and years. This would be just the thing. Plenty available in England at very reasonable prices.

Here's a link to a page about just such a generator:

Lister CS Generator

I've got a small Lister engine running a water pump, so drop me a line, via Magdalena, if you want further info.

Re: Generator

Thanks Simon, I will have a look at this and will contact you if I need more info.

On another point are you still involved with the 4x4 club or was this another Simon.

Re: Generator

Same Simon .

Yes, I currently drive a Discovery and a 110 Defender ...

Where are you based?

Re: Generator

Live in a small village. The nearest large town is Boleslawiec, Dolnoslakie, which is about 13 miles west of us.

I have a Hilux Double cab truck.

Re: Generator

So not very far from me. You should come up for one of our monthly get-togethers. First Saturday (or Sunday) of every month. Or maybe invite us down to you for some greenlanes and a barbie bonfire?

Re: Generator

There's a good looking Lister diesel generator on ebay right now:-


Not a CS, but would still do the job.

Re: Generator

Sounds good to me. I assume we join here?


We can't make next saturday (although sunday is free), so will likely get up at the November meet if that's OK.

Re: Generator

Use the Land Rover Owners Club website. That one is updated much more often and there are details of the meetings somewhere there. Same club. Doesn't matter what 4x4 you drive.

Re: Generator

Thanks Will do.

Hopefully meet soon.

Re: Generator


I should say that we don't do anything very extreme; just in case, that's what you were interested in. Just greenlanes, some mud, and the like.

Have a look at the Gallery page for an idea of the cars and people who come along.

Re: Generator

Here are some photos taken over one weekend this summer:

4x4 Meeting

Re: Generator

We see it as an opportunity to get out and about and meet people more than anything else really. If it was anything extreme we wouldn't be interested as I can't afford any damage, and the car is not modified to do that anyway.


Re: Generator


Let me know if you want any help with the generator thing.

Re: Generator

The Land Rover Club meet pictures look great