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Re: Teaching English in Poland

At the Szczecin centre.

Re: Teaching English in Poland


Yes, sorry, about my use of cryptic(ish) smilies. Szczecin - ever since my departure from KMs.

Re: Teaching English in Poland

T.O.M. - I meet you once a long time ago: I was with Gavin and Dougal on the way to a pub, and we bumped into you near Letnia. I heard a lot of things about Malcolm (one crazy story regarding whores which he confirmed once when I was stuck with him at a pub), warned a few teenage female students about him, and tried to avoid him whenever possible. If half of what the MacPherson lads told me about Malcolm was true, he is a perverted git (to use some Britishisms).

Re: Teaching English in Poland

Have you had a look at the new multiplex / shopping centre, yet?

Re: Teaching English in Poland

Haven't had the chance to get to the new shopping centre yet, but I daresay I will, what with Christmas coming and all that. Is it any good? Or just a bigger version of Panorama?

Any news from Dougal? I met him about 3 years ago now and he was doing well. Keeping my fingers crossed for him.

It seems to me that teaching English is going to the dogs. I'm glad I've finally managed to get out and will now happing stick to my Remote Controls

...And Si - Szczecin wasn't in Lubuski last time I looked

Re: Teaching English in Poland

Ah, that's quite correct, but I am .

Haven't been to the shopping centre yet. I plan to have a look sometime this week.

Re: Teaching English in Poland

Can you imagine if Malcolm made it as a Cambridge examiner?

Part 1 (Personal information)

"So Ola - have you got a boyfriend? What do you like to do with your boyfriend?" [hands disappear under table, table starts to shudder...]

Part 2 (Individual Long Turn)

"Now I'm going to show you two pictures. They show young girls in various states of undress. Please show them to Anna. Nice aren't they Anna? Do you like wearing underwear like that? MMMMM! Ok, well I'll give you your pictures in a moment, don't you worry.
Now Ola, I'd like you to compare and contrast these pictures, saying which of the girls you would like to join you and me in a threesome. You only have one minute for this, unfortunately, so make it good.

Part 3 (Problem Solving)

Now, girls, I'd like you to work on each other now, I mean work together now for three minutes. I'm just going to watch - I mean listen. Sorry...
I'd like you to imagine that your parents are going away for the weekend and that they've allowed you to stay home with a few friends. All girls toghther, like [salivates]. I'd like you to imagine that you find these items whilst going through your parents' drawers. I'd like you to discuss which of the 'items' you'd be most excited about finding, and which ones you would want for yourselves, and which ones you'd like to share with your young friends... [hands disappear again].

Part 4 (Extended Discussion)

So then Ania, did you enjoy that, did you? Do you enjoy a bit of role-play?
Ola, which part of your body does your boyfriend like best?

etc etc

Re: Teaching English in Poland

Things are serious indeed!

Re: Teaching English in Poland

I was in the new shopping center today. Much nicer than Panorama. In fact it seems like a smaller version of Poznan's Stary Browar. There was a mix of shops from middle to high end. I wonder how some of those shops will be doing in February/March after the holidays are over.