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Beware of bears in the Tatras!!


The coming winter and deteriorating weather have caused the animals to
descend to the lower parts of the mountains and appear on the most
frequented tourist routes. The bears which are hunting for food , may
be very dangerous warn the workers of the Tatra national Park, and
appeal to tourists not to stray away from the tourist paths. Bears are
not the only threat for mountain lovers now. The weather in the upper
parts of the Tatars has worsened. It is cold and snowfall is expected.

Re: Beware of bears in the Tatras!!

Mały miś
Do lasu bał się iść,
Ze strachu drżał jak liść
Pluszowy miś.
Ciemny las -
Tam wilki zjedzą nas!
Wracajmy bracia, wraz,
Dopóki czas!

Nie bój się,
Wilki nie zjedzą cię!
Będziemy bronić się,
Nie damy się!
Śmiało w przód!
Po słodki, wonny miód!
Jagody - istny cud!
Użyjem w bród!

Re: Beware of bears in the Tatras!!

We stayed in the mountains and joked about squashed grass being caused by bears near where we slept, next day a ranger told us that bears slept very close by

Re: Beware of bears in the Tatras!!

Stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi,
Stary niedźwiedź mocno śpi.
My się go boimy,
Cichutko chodzimy.
Jak się zbudzi to nas zje.
Jak się zbudzi to nas zje.

Re: Beware of bears in the Tatras!!

I was last weekend in the Tatra.
A bear was very noisy for the whole night in
front of the Murowaniec hut. Sounded like the
soundtrack to Jurassic Park. Haven't seen him.
There were notes informing about the bear. If you
meet him, you should back up quietly.

By the way: Weather was fantastic, had only a little
old snow above 2000m. Crampons were not required.

Re: Beware of bears in the Tatras!!

But I thought in these days of global warming ...