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Hospitals without doctors


In protest against the low wages and lack of chances for increases
doctors have filed in their resignations. Some 40 seriously ill
patients were evacuated over the weekend from a hospital in southern
Poland to ensure they will receive adequate medical care when doctors
will not come to work on Monday.

According to the Polish Doctors' Union some 5000 doctors had resigned
in pay disputes. Certain clinics and hospitals are left with only 3
doctors in a ward. The head of the doctors' council Konstanty
Radziwill said that before the state promises free health care it
should first take into account the costs.

Speaking for Polish Radio Radziwill pointed that doctors in Poland
cannot earn less that unqualified workers, which was the case in many
hospitals. He underlined that there is a shortage of medical personnel
in Poland. Many doctors and nurses undertake jobs abroad being
offered favourable pay conditions. Radziwill pointed that if nothing
is done to attract doctors a majority will leave for work abroad or
in the private medical health service which is developing very rapidly
in Poland.

Re: Hospitals without doctors

National disgrace - shame on Poland's political class for letting this situation continue for years.

Re: Hospitals without doctors

how much does a doctor earn? in the nfz i mean, not a private clinic ...

Re: Hospitals without doctors

A Polish doctor's basic net salary is not more than 1,500 zlotys (416 euros, 568 dollars) per month, or 9.9 zlotys (2.6 euros, 3.7 dollars) per hour, while a cleaning lady can earn up to 12 zlotys per hour.

This is according to the AFP (Agence France Presse)

According to other reports, it seems that in some hospitals doctors had given notice as far back as two months ago whilst almost all had given some sort of fairly reasonable notice. In other words, the administrators knew it was coming.

Re: Hospitals without doctors

All while the nutty twins hunt down communists, Jews and gays. bloody discusting.
Although the situation has been going on for years, in the good old days they were the elite, many made a fortune buying a few houses and summer houses.
Doctors from the 'good old days' are Ok they can sell some property, younger doctors must speak English and are slowly moving here or private clinics.
The rest will go and work in Geant or Tesco.
Never mind many are Jewish, Gay or ex communists anyway

Very sad indeed