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Ghosts in Poland - where to go ...?

I mean, England is crawling with them - are Poles simply happy to die and disappear to wherever or are there a whole host of ghoulies out there I haven't heard about? Is this a lack of appropriate marketing or what?

So, is there anybody there?

Re: Ghosts in Poland - where to go ...?


Enjoy :-)

It is in Polish of course.

Re: Ghosts in Poland - where to go ...?

Ghosts Raging in Poland

Until recently, no paranormal phenomena have ever been registered in the castle of Przemysl
Ghosts are raging in an ancient castle in the Polish town of Przemysl (Podkarpackie province). This fact is proved even by such serious people as custodians and officials of the museum situated on the territory of the castle. It sometimes comes to really strange things: as officials of the museum are apprehensive of different hardship from the direction of the ghosts, they have given up their obligatory night watching.

Museum officials say, really incredible phenomena occur in the castle: the electrical current suddenly flashes on and off, water taps turn on and off; people hear human voices, sounds of steps and weaponry rattling from behind the closed and sealed doors.

Until recently, no paranormal phenomena have ever been registered in the castle of Przemysl. Unlike the knight's castle in the town of Gniezno where a ghost of the Yellow Lady was raging (the woman was executed in the Middle Ages for a false accusation of her jealous husband), Przemysl was a quiet place: no ghosts raged there. Some paranormal experts suppose that the problem is that the castle was built on the place where a destroyed church and a cemetery stood. That is why, they add, souls of those people whose graves were destroyed during construction of the castle are wandering about its corridors. However, this is still a mystery why the ghosts showed up in the castle several centuries after the cemetery was destroyed.

Re: Ghosts in Poland - where to go ...?

Warsaw Ghost Story!


Re: Ghosts in Poland - where to go ...?

The Society for Psychic Research say that the number of reports dropped dramatically at about the same time that the digital mobile phone network was rolled out.

Re: Ghosts in Poland - where to go ...?

Mobiles get you even after death.
Sounds like my job.