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Michael Palin in Europe

Anyone watching? it's on BBC1 in UK right now and he's just leaving Poznan... assume some can access via satellite or internet.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

Errhh, no!

See other thread on tv in Poland .

But I bought the 7 hour audio book version from audible.co.uk earlier this week.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

It's just finished and was actually very good. Much better and with more coverage than I expected. Palin seemed to be having a whale of a time and they seemed to really take to him. He even managed to fit in a goralski wedding which was rather admirable.

Interesting to hear the comments of the English fireman who had settled there. They seemed to echo what I said on the other thread about compatibility between the two countries. He was saying the Brits and Poles are complete opposites but it's a type of opposite which attracts.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

Thr program was good, shame it made Poland look as if horse and carts are still used
But good never the less.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

well they did at least show a tractor instead of a plough which was a relief....! They were showing things that I didn't know about Poland like the steam railways and boats being pulled over hills......

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

The boats being pulled over the hill at Elblag is an amazing site & a great day out. After tue war, they let the German guy who built it stay as manager because it's unique & only he could repair it if something went wrong. He even got some sort of award. It was only commercially used for about 5 years but has kept going for 80 years through tourism. Very worth seeing.

The steam railway at Wolsztyn is under threat & a lot of people here are embarassed it still exists, but the tourism income from Europe's trainspotters is enough to keep it going for the forseeable. There are a few other ones but they're municipal ones or run by hobbyists.

There's so much here that nobody hears of.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

I thought the steam railway was great. I do hope they keep it.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

My wife's family are from Wolsztyn.

Was it on the Palin thing? Might have to try and find a torrent. What was the actual name of the programme?

Re: Michael Palin in Europe


It's a private tracker, so you have to register. I'm going to download tonight and I'll let you know how it went tomorrow.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

Pardon my ignorance, but what is a "torrent"?

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

a torrent is a computer term to describe a way of downloading files. Whilst the method itself is perfectly legal, the content usually isnt ;)

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

Next generation file sharing system.

Like a grown up Napster.

But different.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

I watched the programme and enjoyed it, on the whole.

Some things I learned from watching:

1) Monika Richardson's English is very impressive.
2) Kevin Aiston is as big a dick in English as he is in Polish (most handosme Englishman in Poland, my ARSE!!)
3)Wałęsa still uses every chance he can get to have a dig at political opponents
4) but his cleaners are crap - the plaque outside his office was completely smeared
5) BBC Translators are either not particularly good or they copped out with relating what the ex-president said exactly

Worth a download for anyone who has torrents on their comp

http://www.mininova.org/tor/954213 - you need to register at http://www.thebox.bz/signup.php but it's worth it as they have a lot of good quality UK TV.

Re: Michael Palin in Europe

I agree they have plenty of crud. I particularly hate the plethora of tacky cabaret and game shows. But then I am the sort who hates strictly come dancing, Pop Idol, "how do you solve a problem like Maria?", the X factor, any game show etc. I have met people who can sit through these shows and enjoy them, and I find this ability quite intriguing....

They do have some good programmes on Polish tv too. I like TV Polonia. They have some good films (sans dubbing) and I think some of the soap operas are very well written and acted.