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VCR question

A few years ago (before DVD players) most VCRS sold here in Europe were PAL and NTSC compatible. Now with the prevelance of DVD/VCR combo machines, it doesn't seem so clear that the VCR part can play NTSC tapes. I've tried asking in the shops, but the guys there are literally clueless about the issue. Does anyone know if the DVD/VCR combo machines will play NTSC tapes. The linguistic development of a little kid and hundreds of hours worth of Sesame Street videotapes waiting to be seen hang in the balance.

Any knowledge, thoughts, etc. are welcomed. Perhaps this is a question for The Original Mark?

Re: VCR question

I really am too good to you people...


You need an NTSC compatible TV - it might only play through the Scart/Euroconnector on the back or RGB on the front.

Re: VCR question

Had a TV/vid converted in Poland a few years back cost was very little.

Re: VCR question

Nice to see my help's appreciated

Re: VCR question

I apologize for the delay. Thank you, Mark, for your advice and for the link.