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Poles in British Comedy

My girl says that there is some uproar in Poland about a comedy sketch shown on Channel 4.

My Polish is crap and the sound on you tube clips never works for me. Can anyone tell me what it's all about?

Here it is.


Re: Poles in British Comedy

The comedy sketch.

Re: Poles in British Comedy

Firstly the comedian is American, so I don't get the headline. W brytyjskiej TV nabijają się z Polaków?
If they listened the guy is knocking the UK he says he hates the UK.

As for 'Obleśne antypolskie żarty bawią Anglików'
No comment! tossers!

The whole program is about sending foregners home.

See:- http://www.dougstanhope.com/

The article says objects the the UK allowed the program. Poland a country that still allows fans at matches to hold up massive banners with White Power on the.

Śmieszne? "Obleśne"? A może tylko nudne? Zobacz film i oceń.

29% voted it was offensive (pis voters)
27% normal comedy 'funny'
45% boooooring

From a country where the government is racist, sexist hardly a country to complain about an American saying 'why do they do the boring job, the Polish women are great and should be 'making walking sticks'

Not my type of humour so I don't watch it. I am amazed that so many Poles watch ch4 at 25 to 12 on a friday night, at that time of night that is the type of TV you get.

Re: Poles in British Comedy

I don't get most comedians, but this bloke is moderately funny!
As for being anti-Polish, well, only people with sub-standard English would understand that. It was humourously anti-British and occasionally anti-American. A bit too much swearing, but ...
The potato processing plant was dire - think dark, dank cellar - and there were 2 young men and 4 good-looking young women sorting potatoes. It's mindless work - done it myself for a short time.
As he said, in America you can't get hot chicks to do anything and here they look for flaws in dirt apples. He came up with several ideas of what they could do, none of them including potatoes.
Good programme for people coming back from the pub.

Re: Poles in British Comedy

Yes, I have to say I'm with him on the alternative he suggests.

Re: Poles in British Comedy

The reaction on gazeta.pl says more about Poles than any late-night comedian ever could. From the comments there, an outsider could only presume that they are a humourless nation, so culturally insensitive that they can't tell the difference between an Amercan and a Britain, yet at the same time obsessed with people's nationality. And it didn't take long for anti-semitic comments to be made.

Nobody in UK has ever forced anybody to work sorting potatoes - no Pole (or any other nationality) has been kidnapped and brought to UK - and there's no reason why Poles or anybody else should be immune from being mentioned on a comedy proggramme.

I just can't imagine a similar reaction if some of the anti-British things on Polish TV were translated to English. Nobody would care.

Re: Poles in British Comedy

Pretty funny actually. He's really ragging on the Brits...

Re: Poles in British Comedy

Watching it right through, it is indeed funny. People tell me this Doug Stanhope guy has a really big following. Love the expression 'dirt apples'.

Re: Poles in British Comedy

Sounds very French to me - pommes de terre.
Tickled me too.