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Re: Shops to Close on Poland's Holidays

"Working hours in Poland are extremely long - gone are the good ol' days. "

Some people work extremely long hours here - me included. And people here complain bitterly if they're forced by their company to have a lunchbreak - most would rather get home earlier instead. I'm seen as a bit unusual in always taking one.

Though the early finish isn't entirely dead. The Warsaw rush-hour seems to start about 2.30 some days, often earlier on Friday and factories in parts of the countryside (& offices too) find that a lot of staff just disappear during the harvest.

The shop-closures suck though. Not everybody observes the grave-visiting (and unless you have an extended family spread around different towns it doesn't neccessarily take very long anyway) and people paid by the hour low-paid jobs would usually rather go to work.

The crowds of people lining up to buy food at the local petrol station near my flat is testimony to the fact that there's a demand for shops, even on a religious holiday. Stopping this daft and restrictive law is the first thing Tusk should do.

Re: Shops to Close on Poland's Holidays

November 1st 15:30
Location: Solec n/Wisłą, cemetery no. 2, just left by car.
Son, aged 13, asked, "Do we have any more graves to visit?" (slightly desperate tone)
Answer (from mother) "It's a tradition ... (explanation and plea to patience and forebearing lasts several minutes).
Son: (even more desperate tone) "It's just I want to do a wee!"
It's already become a family classic. Perfect timing and delivery.