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UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

A new shop has opened in Złoty Taras, Warsaw specialising in foreign food. They have different sections according to country.

The British section has some pretty odd choices like baking powder (maybe they don't realise Poles use it too), but there's quite a bit of good stuff too.

I've no idea if the sections from other English-speaking countries are any good - lots of American/Australian things I haven't heard of but I really hope the shop will make money and grow, despite the huge rent they must be paying. And of course M&S now have a small food section.

For those who've developed a taste for such highly flavoured spicy and piquant foods as Kotlety Schabowy z Kopytkami, Pierogi Ruskie, Placek z Śmietaną, Rosol z Kury or Makaron z Mlekiem, there's an excellent Indian section (also a big Mexican section), complete with stickers explaining in Polish how to make the products blander and less tasty by adding kefir, yougurt etc.

They've also got a big freezer section.

But this is great news. I wish I'd had the idea first. It's in the bit of Złoty Taras that leads to the railway station.

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

A pity there's nothing like this in our area.

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

If the shop does well, they may expand to other cities. It's not a small shop, and the rent alone for premises in a city centre mall means they've obviously got some capital behind them. This is one to watch.

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

What's it called?

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

I think it's called 'Kuchnia Świata' or some such. To be honest I didn't look too closely at the name due to drooling boggle-eyed at the products in the shop.

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw


Not much in the on-line section yet. Those of us out in the sticks will have to wait...Not that I really need or crave them, but a blueberry Pop-Tart would be nice right about now. Are they sold in the UK?

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

I think blueberry pop tarts are sold in the UK.... but we don't seem to get exciting flavours like grape and cherry cinnamon here.

This place sounds interesting. You can do a sushi course. I'm intrigued by "sos zulu fire" in the african section. yum aubergine puree in the greek section - one of my faves. They even have a gluten free section.

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw


There's a branch in the new wing of the Stary Browar in Poznan, far end from the terracy joiny part.

I bought some Birds' custard powder and various curry sauces there just last week.

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

Apple crumble and custard
Apple pie and custard

Hmmm - reasons #374 and 375 why I love my wife!

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

can I give a few more reasons why the rest of us love her too?

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

That's good to hear, Mark.

I'm off to England in a couple of days on a Christmas shopping trip, but will check out the Poznań place at a later date.

Re: UK/US/Anzac/RSA food in Warsaw

For those around Gorzow...

The Bomi in Askana has a fairly nice 'ethnic' foods section. A lot of curry sauces, East Asian items, and a surprising amount of Mexican stuff (they have chipotle peppers!). I was impressed. Of course, I was looking for tahini paste, and they did not have that so it looks like a trip to Frankfurt for me.