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UK: Nazi surprise found in old school pool


Students have scoured secret MI5 documents relating to the late owner
of their Northamptonshire school building, who was exiled before
World War Two as a Nazi sympathiser.

Capt George Drummond was sent to the Isle of Man by intelligence
officers in 1940, after being suspected of plotting against his
country in the build-up to the war against Adolf Hitler's Germany.

The aristocrat and a friend were detained after being caught with a
high frequency radio – banned at the time – and having chopped down
trees overlooking an airfield to spy on aircraft.

After Drummond was placed under house arrest by MI5 and banished from
England, the house in Pitsford was sold and became a Polish convent,
until 1989 when it was turned into Northamptonshire Grammar School.

It is believed Drummond had a swastika emblazoned on the bottom of
the hall's swimming pool, which also has a Nazi eagle at its head.

The colourful and intriguing past of Pitsford Hall is now of constant
interest to the many pupils who study there.

Noel Toone, the school's headteacher, is researching its history and
s to write a book about its past.

History teacher Robert Tickle said the building's rich heritage
ensured students were never short of inspiration.

He said: "It's a fascinating building, with links to a very
controversial period of British history.

"I think it's an inspiration to the pupils, who learn in a building
steeped in such an historic past.

"The students are always talking about the swastika at the bottom of
the swimming pool."

The school was recently given the MI5 documents by the BBC.

As well as funding the Northamptonshire branch of the British Union
of Fascists, Drummond was also a member of a number of national pro-
Hitler organisations.

Rumours also suggest he threw a fancy dress party at the hall in the
late thirties where all his guests wore SS uniforms.

People with information about the history of the school can call Mr
Toone on Northampton 880306.

Re: UK: Nazi surprise found in old school pool

They mention Pitsford was a convent, but it was also a Polish girls' boarding school. I've known some former pupils. Also Rula Lenska attended in the 70s. My parents used to threaten me with being sent to pitsford if I misbehaved as a child. There used to be organised days out at both Pitsford and the equivalent boys school - Fawley court near henley. I vaguely remember an outdoor swimming pool, but it was unused and had been turned into a pond so you could not see the bottom.

Re: UK: Nazi surprise found in old school pool

Rula Lenska seems to be known by a lot of people. She came up in conversation between a mate of mine and another London Pole. My mate tactfully said how much he disliked her, whereupon this other bloke said, "She's my aunt!"

Re: UK: Nazi surprise found in old school pool

"My mate tactfully said how much he disliked her, whereupon this other bloke said, "She's my aunt!" "

this scenario often happens when post war Poles in the UK start gossiping. It's happened to me before, but in that case it was "ciocia" in the social sense of everyone calling someone they uncle or aunt if their parents are good friends.

There was a time when the UK Polish community was so small that you would know who all the key players were. My mum knew Lenska's mum or her babcia (can't remember which, maybe both), and one of my best mates was at Pitsford at the same time as her, but she was probably in the sixth form then and my friend was about 7 or 8. I used to have a year book of Pitsford with all the photos including Lenska and my friend.