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Re: Travel between Poland and Vilnius

A visitor to Poand probably wouldn't have much problem with open racism. There are places that somebody polish might not want to walk in at night, but these are few and far between.

Any racism is more likely to be beneath the surface. The only problems I've heard about involve attacks on black men, usually because they are seen out with a Polish wife/girlfriend in the wrong part of town, and the local empty-headed, drunk rednecks feel their manhood is threatened.

A woman of Asian appearance would have no problems here.

Re: Travel between Poland and Vilnius

Very wrong.
I knew quite a few asians in Poland from Embassy staff to kiddies most had problems.
Maybe not in Warsaw but out of big cities, be carefull. Many of the staff from a large chinese/Polish company were warned about aggression.
A number were atacked and had verbal abuse.
I only said be carefull, on the whole no problems but .....

Re: Travel between Poland and Vilnius

Maybe this happens in the north, but Krakow is pretty relaxed. You're more likely to get hassled for the usual reasons (because you are a woman alone) than for any racial reason. People generally mind their own business in krakow. They might stare, but they do that to everyone.

If you plan to get a train from Krakow to Vilnius, you're in for an ardous journey with an overnight stay somewhere. You're better off getting a connecting flight in krakow.

Re: Travel between Poland and Vilnius

I know an American Indian (out of all things) who does business in Poland and never had any problems while traveling.

I have also never witnessed any racist attacks in Poland. On the contrary, in places like Krakow most people are friendly.

It’s just like anywhere else – don’t end up on the wrong side of town and you will be just fine.

Re: Travel between Poland and Vilnius

Mike C is right, avoid seedy places and you'll have no problem.

The racism that manifests itself here is most likely to be on saturday night in a provincial discotheque by drunks. Restaurants, galleries, good clubs or the classier sort of bar would be fine.

The story below (from today's New Warsaw Express) is a good example of the way racism occurs here. In the daytime in Kraków or Warsaw people aren't hassled and a lady shouldn't worry. It's sad that the guy was forced into this though, and I hope they prosecute the drunks and not him.

""Dutch Man Knifes Four
Two men were hospitalised in serious condition
after a black Dutch man slashed them
and two of their companions in retribution for
racist remarks they allegedly made. The incident
took place in early morning hours of
Thursday in the heart of Wrocław, when the
four victims were leaving a disco after a night
of drinking. According to the IAR news agency,
the men tried to impress their girlfriends
by being rude to the unidentified Dutch man,
apparently a well-known DJ, who fell into a
rage and stabbed them with a switchblade.
At press time prosecutors had not decided
what charges to file against the attacker.""

Re: Travel between Poland and Vilnius

Hi there,

A short while ago I asked a question about possible racism in krakow, as i was going there for a couple of days on my way to vilnius, and one of your forum users 'another ania' i think requested i let the forum know how i got on in Krakow.

So basically, Krakow was awesome! I had a great time, and experienced only friendly, helpful, and welcoming behaviour from polish people of all ages and genders. Young and old, from the first to the last moments in krakow, were just lovely to me and my friend, both women in our early twenties (me a British Pakistani and my friend a British Turk). We felt safe at all times in krakow, even late in the night, and the only rowdy behaviour we witnessed was a small group of drunk English men acting 'laddish'.

Overall, I cant speak highly enough of Krakow had a great time and will definately return at some point!