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How to create anti-Polish news

a la Sue Reid, investigations editor of the Daily Mail

Back in April, Daily Mail investigations editor Sue Reid had a problem. She knew that foreign visitors who committed traffic offences in Britain were not being penalised because parking and speeding fines cannot be enforced on cars registered overseas - but she needed photos to demonstrate it. What to do? Simple! She set out to entice someone to break the law on the Mail’s behalf.

“I am overseeing an investigation into how foreign drivers in Britain are evading fines,” she wrote to Peter Traczewski, who lives in Warsaw. “We want to prove it by having a foreign car here with a foreign driver for five days and driving/parking in London, Kent, East Anglia and Portsmouth. We would hide your identity and the number of the car when we publish the piece, which would be lots of pictures of the car in various situations and my story about what we found. Obviously, if you do get a ticket we will pay it immediately. We will pay you £800 and we will pay for you to come over. If you wish to have accommodation in London itself then please do stay at my house in Fulham, London, which has five bedrooms and very central.”

Sadly for Traczewski, he was denied his free holiday when Reid emailed to tell him another Polish couple had beaten him to taking up her generous offer. Sadly for Reid, Traczewski is actually a British blogger known as Beatroot, who put full details of her methods up on his blog last month.

Thus far, the Mail has failed to print any story about Poles evading parking tickets.

Re: How to create anti-Polish news

Yeah, just don't buy the daily mail.

If you want to read more :

Re: How to create anti-Polish news

I hope the story gets printed. My friend here (polish) has tons of tickets, races past cameras and nothing, many Poles here have no insurance, Mot and they don't pay road tax.

Why should there be 1 rule for 1 and a different for others?
In Poland the law is clear non Poles pay on the spot fines and must carry cash to pay.

Re: How to create anti-Polish news

I suspect there's an informal policy of tolerance, which, short-term. is probably a good idea but log-term is not.

Re: How to create anti-Polish news

"In Poland the law is clear non Poles pay on the spot fines and must carry cash to pay. "

I thought that in Poland you must have your ID on you and produce this when you are stopped by Police. In the UK if you don't have your driving licence when stopped you have a few days to produce it at a Police station. By then an offender could be out of the country.

I disagree with anyone getting away without paying fines or insurance. They need to tighten up the law on foreign drivers, but doubtless they can't be bothered because at the end of the day insured drivers end up coughing up in higher premiums and it's too expensive to pursue fines abroad.

Please note that Poles should by no means be singled out as offenders. There are plenty of other nationalities, and dare I say it Brits, who don't pay their fines.

Re: How to create anti-Polish news

No in Poland Non Poles must pay on the spot.

most non English cars I see on the roads are Polish, a friend who works as a traffic warden told me it is a big problem, they were told not to bother with non UK cars as it is a waste of time.

Re: How to create anti-Polish news

sparks programme

As you can see the gov is working hard to resolve these issues....

In the uk most fines are issued based on speed cameras. That's why you could not impose on the spot fines here.

As I've said before, if they want to tackle this problem they have to ensure any car entering the UK is logged on a registered database on point of entry. They also need to introduce a europe wide road tax/insurance check. However, nobody is organised enough to maintain this.