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Single career women - menace at work!

They have no life - they just create useless work so they can make themselves look good.

Strangely, married women just get on with the job. The most efficient are married women with kids, because they have a home to go to.

Employers have got it all wrong - they think that bums on seats for the longest time = the best result.


Re: Single career women - menace at work!

I would tend to agree with this ;)

Re: Single career women - menace at work!

Parkinson's Law:
"work expands to fill the time available"
See also:
"The 4-Hour Workweek" from Tim Ferriss

CU Martin

Re: Single career women - menace at work!

Are there many single career women in Poland? I would have thought not, just because family, marriage and children are so much more important in Poland than they are in the Anglo-Saxon world. Or is this view completely outdated?

Re: Single career women - menace at work!

Errrm - my place is full of them.