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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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Polish economy - full speed ahead!


The pessimistic experts at the central statistics office got it all wrong - GNP is growing at an exceptionally healthy 6.4%

Let the good times roll.

Re: Polish economy - full speed ahead!

It's excellent news.

And one thing strikes me; that despite crushing bureaucracy, rampant corruption, poor infrastructure and politicians from hell they are still not only surviving, but thriving. Polak potrafi!

Re: Polish economy - full speed ahead!

If half these bureaucrats were either eliminated or replaced by computers things would get done three times faster...

But in Poland, there is always a way

Poles are some of the most resourceful people on the planet. Polak potrafi indeed

Re: Polish economy - full speed ahead!

In the UK private people have real problems building houses - in Poland not. Why? Polish bureaucracy works well in that area, whereas in the UK you have to be either determined or in a company that's willing to give bribes.

Re: Polish economy - full speed ahead!

Bribes in Britain???

Not many!

Want to stop your neighbour in Poland building near your boundary fence?

500pln, not a problem.

Re: Polish economy - full speed ahead!

Bribes happen sometimes in the UK too but in Poland it is the norm.

Re: Polish economy - full speed ahead!

So, how do developers in the UK get to build on flood plains when normal people can't build in normal places?

Re: Polish economy - full speed ahead!

I think that UK planning laws don't really allow for individual corruption. Too many stages. Too many people involved. In Polish town halls often one employee (and his family he has installed as colleagues) is the key to success.