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A school dilemma.

Any comments/hints/suggestions as to what (if anything) to do?

My daughter attends K5 in a local primary school.
The weather is bad, and the new gym hasn't yet been blessed for PE use.
So ...

Last week they watched Rambo instead.
The previous week it was Final Destination 3.
And before that something about Transformers.

I'm not entirely happy about this. Correction, I'm very much less than happy about Final Destination 3 being shown to K5.

[I could also say I wish the teacher hadn't told my daughter she was (the Polish equivalent of) a scaredy cat because she asked to leave when it got too much for her ... But that's a matter of wishing the teacher in question was professional and polite which she isn't ... ]

Any comments? I've discussed it with one other parent who shares my opinions - but their child is in a different class *and* they have lived in the UK. Local parents wouldn't care, I know, and I certainly don't want to make a fuss so that H would stand out (any more than she does already).

arrgh ...

Re: A school dilemma.

Polish parents used to be quite fussy about kids watching underage tv. I'd imagine they don't know and most kids are happy to get out of PE at this time of year so don't let on.

Being called a scardey cat and such is quite common in Polish culture. You are expected to be a "bohater" and just get on with it....Not sure how old K5 is but I would not consider hating horror films to be a scardey cat qualification at any age.

The teacher sounds like she is choosing films she likes and you should complain to the school that these are not appropriate material. Better still complain to the local church that because the gym is not blessed the children are being corrupted with inappropriate media. That should get things moving....!

Re: A school dilemma.

Re: A school dilemma.

>>The weather is bad, and the new gym hasn't yet been blessed for PE use.

Wow - that is absolutely crazy. I'm not a father but I would be extremely unhappy about the choice of films too. Strikes me that the level of professionalism in Polish schools is pretty low.

These films have age certificates don't they? Is is not somehow against the law to show them to underage kids? (when they're not your kids). The 'scaredey cat' thing just sounds like abuse - no matter what the norm in Polish society - I would certainly want to do something about it.

Re: A school dilemma.

the 'blessed by' bit was me flinging words at the screen i.e. I've no real idea why the kids aren't using the hall ...

otherwise, i'm just plain irritated. and not sure how much is me being a control-freak parent who was brought up in a rather boring and restricted household...

it's illegal for the dvds to be shown in schools at all because they're bought for home use ... it's professionally dodgy to show 11/12 year olds (my daughter is just 10) films which have an R rating and are described as having sex, gore, rape, violence etc, and it's more than my daughter's "street cred" is worth to have her parents complain ... From what I hear, the teacher was begged by the boys to bring something in, and so she did (she's a PE teacher fwiw). Daughter tried to avoid looking but the noise got to her in the end and she left to go and sit in another room (and finish her homework which seemed a more useful activity to her b.o.f. mother)


Re: A school dilemma.

Speak to the teacher, threaten to contact 'kuratorium' that will be enough, if not tell them you will take it to 'MEN'. they will get it sorted straight away.

Re: A school dilemma.

Claire, you should talk to a teacher or to a head. I'm a teacher too and I can't understand why kids watch dvds during classes. If they don't have gym and the weather is bad they still can play some games in a classroom.

Re: A school dilemma.

i can make a 'noise' - that's maybe the easiest part of it all.
but i've no confidence that any individual interaction on my part won't rebound on my child in some way. ok, it's only PE and who really gives x xxxx, but she's also their form teacher and could find lots of little ways of making H's life untraceably miserable.
i'm wondering now if i just needed some other adult to say "i'd have a problem with it, too" I could organise a mass protest with the other parents ... (falls about laughing at the idea)

and hey ho ... another Friday looms ... any guesses on what will be on offer this week? Maybe I should run a sweepstake on whether or not they get to something *really* extreme before the Christmas break.

/wanders off nursing her coffee/

Re: A school dilemma.

Can't you send an anonymous letter to the head?

Re: A school dilemma.

You have to choose your battles with Polish schools or you get a reputation. They tend to have more than their fair share of strange people.

Re: A school dilemma.

Write directly to the local ''kuratorium' your local one is Gdansk or maybe Kartuzy.

Re: A school dilemma.

I'm surprised reading about anonymous letters, kuratorim. What about basic conversational skills? Can't you just talk? I talk a lot with my pupils' parents.And please believe me - it works.

Re: A school dilemma.

How would you react in this situation?

The teacher/school is not following guide lines laid out very clearly by MEN.


Also in English but without much info.

Re: A school dilemma.

Katarzyna Hall Lives In Sopot still I think.


Try her, has a bit of clout in the area

Re: A school dilemma.

In this situation, if I were a parent, I would ask "why did it happen". My further steps would depend on the answer. Has anyone asked this question?

Re: A school dilemma.

What possable reason can there be for showing

To kiddies?

Re: A school dilemma.

Unbelievable story! I wpuld certainly talk to someone about a teacher showing videos to primary school kids.

Re: A school dilemma.

"I'm surprised reading about anonymous letters, kuratorim. What about basic conversational skills? Can't you just talk? I talk a lot with my pupils' parents.And please believe me - it works. "

Alicja, Claire has said she does not want to rock the boat by speaking to the teacher unless other parents back her views. She is worried about repurcussions for her child as the teacher is a form tutor and therefore in a position of power. It may seem the right thing to do but you have to consider the politics of the situation before you raise complaints.

My view would be go to the local church and complain to the priest about the fact that they haven't blessed the gym yet.

Re: A school dilemma.

... my task for the week[end] ...

to find if any other parents know what their children have been watching. i know one parent who might not -- the one who wouldn't let her then-10 y/old son watch the Narnia film because she reckoned he'd have nightmares after the battle scenes ... By now he's been well 'blooded'.

Re: A school dilemma.

p.s. "My view would be go to the local church and complain to the priest "

I'm a lapsed NI Protestant. D'ya think the conversation could survive that ?

Re: A school dilemma.

Aren't you married to a Pole? You must have at least one Polish catholic friend if you live there. Can't they go on your behalf?

Re: A school dilemma.

By the way I'm saying that not because of your religious inclinations, but because there is a certain protocol in speaking to parish priests in Poland which you won't be familiar with. Each church should have specified times when the priest consults with parishioners.

It's quite a formal relationship in Poland. I think that's one reason the church is so strong there and but it's also a weakness given the changes in politics.

Re: A school dilemma.

at the moment i think involving the church mightn't be the way to go -- opening of the hala is already scheduled for this month.

tonight i will try to talk to a few parents .. and make myself forever unpopular with the kiddlies. I told one child who had been off sick what she had missed and the reply I got was "oooh .. I love horror films". that fills me with confidence, it does ...

of course the sensible approach would be to sit down with the teacher and say "I don't like this happening" but in order to make that comment 'real' I have to highlight that it is illegal, professionally dubious and etc. that would raise her hackles and the rest would be downhill. this is presuming of course that a teacher who could consider behaving like this in the first place is missing some building blocks in the Necessary Skills section...

/viral and grouchy/

Re: A school dilemma.

Great film!

Most edifying ...

Re: A school dilemma.

the plot thickens ...
1. today's lesson is to be spent "writing"
2. other parents are not content either ... the topic has been discussed over the garden fence as it were
3. some of the other parents might not be very subtle so i'm going to wait a while ...


Re: A school dilemma.

School 1 - kids education 0

As the recent articl;e said. Polish boy in UK returns to Poland for better education