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Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

Some lovely recipes there!

Pierogi z mięsem seems more of a warsaw thing. My local cafe does good pierogi. They could be nice with lamb in.

The type of sheep farmed here; most suitable for the weather etc is great for wool but not so good for meat apparently.

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??


Great reading!

Some good looking ones for any Welsh or Australians out there

My wife just came in and asked why am I looking up Sheep in Poland on Google? Caught out at last

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??


Don’t confuse Rus with Rosja; "pierogi ruskie" would in modern parlance be Ukrainian dumplings.

The issue of Rus (nationality) losing its identity to Moscow and needing to call itself by a geographic moniker (Ukraine) is the topic for another conversation. Suffice it to say that Moskovites usurped the Rus mantle as a way of subsuming the Kievian Metropole and claiming supremacy over Novgorod.

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

When we talk about lamb lets get our defintions in order ie

Lamb — a young sheep under 12 months of age which does not have any permanent incisor teeth in wear
Hoggett — a young male sheep or maiden ewe having no more than two permanent incisors in wear
Mutton — a female (ewe) or castrated male (wether) sheep having more than two permanent incisors in wear.
In Australia the definitions are extended to include ewes and rams, as well as being stricter on the definition for lamb which is:

Lamb — 0 permanent incisors; female or castrate entire male ovine 0-12 months (note that the Australian definition requires 0 permanent incisors, whereas the New Zealand definition allows 0 incisors 'in wear'.)
Other definitions include:

Lamb — a young sheep that is less than one year old
Baby lamb — a milk-fed lamb between six and eight weeks old
Spring lamb — a milk-fed lamb, usually three to five months old
Yearling lamb — a young sheep between 12 and 24 months old.
The younger the lamb is, the smaller the lamb will be, however, the meat will be more tender. Sheep mutton is meat from a sheep over two years old, and has a less tender flesh. In general, the darker the colour, the older the animal. Baby lamb meat will be pale pink, while regular lamb is pinkish-red.

The best lamb sells in oz for about 7$Au a Kg about 18zl a kg

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

My girl had never eaten lamb before she left Poland. And i've never seen it for sale in Polish restaurants. Believe me, i've looked. I can't stand Pork!

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

That's because Poles think of lamb as being mutton Neil. I don't know anyone in the UK who would go for mutton chops over pork chops. I don't know how many Poles ask how many incisors the sheep had, they just equate the word baranina with poor quality meat, which mutton is also seen as in the UK.

Basically where there is no demand supply will dry up. As I found to my surprise at my local tescos which has stopped selling ecover products much to my dismay.

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

Our local Tesco Polska store had a single consignment of frozen lamb from Ireland before Christmas. It sold quickly. This was the first time I had ever eaten lamb.

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

There's only one shop fairly locally that sells lamb. It's frozen, bloody expensive, and as tough as old boots.

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

Maybe this should be entitiled "Poles hate mutton". It would then have zero posts

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

I don't believe Poles see a difference between mutton or lamb. They eat neither.

Pork and chicken are the Polish meats of choice.

Re: Poles hate lamb - what's wrong with them??

The young lamb meat we have in the UK is very hard to find in Poland so most people don't know if they like it.