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Toxoplasmosis - death in my family

My sister-in-law and her husband were devastated recently when she lost their third child before birth. They just put it down to "one of those things that happen".

Now, she's learned that she has toxoplasmosis - parasites from cat faeces (usually; also in uncooked meat)- and that this was the probable cause of death.

And they don't have a cat.

Re: Toxoplasmosis - death in my family

that's horrible -- so you reckon she got it from raw meat then ?
from my memory it's hard to test for it in connection to any maternal infection having passed through to the baby. I think an amnio is needed and that carries its own risks.

Re: Toxoplasmosis - death in my family

Possibly from gardening - neighbours' cats just love newly turned earth - or from a visit to her parents' farm and contact with the cats there.

Or possibly sth else, but the likeliest source it cats.

Re: Toxoplasmosis - death in my family

I think dogs also pass this on.