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Poland and Polish Discussion Group and Forum
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Friendly Civil Servants.

After years of unfriendly, Soviet-style, hatchet-faced, growling babcias in government offices, there seems to be a bit of change.

I had to go to the town hall today to register something and it was smiles, "How may I help you" and even "have a nice day" (in Polish, of course).

It looks like they've all done customer care courses and the lady I dealt with was genuinely helpful. This wasn't my experience last time I went. This was in Warsaw, and I don't know if these are countrywide changes, but for sure there's been a change for the better!

Re: Friendly Civil Servants.

the last time I updated my KartaP it was the same story - young .. friendly ... spoke English ... apologised profusely for making a mistake in my address (after checking it wasn't my fault but hey, let's not be too picky )
Made a bewildering change from the Polish-only slabs there before...

Re: Friendly Civil Servants.

And they only charged 35 zlots instead of the usual several hundred.
Cheap, friendly service with a smile.

Currently going through the planning process ... will let you know how things develop next year. We're in no hurry to build, so will take things slowly.

Re: Friendly Civil Servants.

"Currently going through the planning process ... will let you know how things develop next year. We're in no hurry to build, so will take things slowly. "

A new house for yourself?

Re: Friendly Civil Servants.

Yeah, something like this:

We're not in a rush though - it'll cause problems with access to schools for our kids, so we won't move in for 3-4 years.

Re: Friendly Civil Servants.

Very good. The house doesn't look at all Polish though. English, yes .

Re: Friendly Civil Servants.

How much do you estimate the house will cost to build? Do you already own a plot?