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no snow, more money, more going on, and more pretty girls

I had secret sex on tap with our Polish plumber

A girlfriend set to marry her fiancé flushed her relationship down the drain when she started having sex with their Polish plumber.
Besotted Lindsey Goodman, 26, has now left Philip Martin and moved in with new love Adam Stojak.

Randy Stojak—one of the millions of East Europeans over here accused of taking British jobs—admitted he had no qualms about stealing our women too.


He said: "I have made love to a few girls over here, and so have my friends from Poland.

"That is why I like it and they like it also."

The Pole, 29, was hired to fit the couple's new kitchen after Philip saw his ad in a local shop window.

Receptionist Lindsey, who works with Philip at Manchester Student Village, took the week off work to show the plumber what needed doing.

But within three days she was showing him a lot more. She said: "As soon as Adam came in we were laughing and chatting and I found myself falling for him.

"He looked so manly in his work gear. His English is brilliant and he's a really funny guy with a really sexy accent.

"During his dinner hour we'd sit and chat, and he told me that I was too young to get married and I should live life a little.

"I found myself being drawn to him and he kept saying how much he liked me.

"When he was leaving for the day about halfway through the week I leaned over and kissed him good night but made sure I lingered after pecking him on the cheek. He took the hint and before I knew it we were kissing passionately. He had to go quickly, as Philip was due home. But I couldn't wait for eight the next morning when he'd be back."

The following day Adam had more than U-bends on his mind when he returned.

Lindsey said: "He dumped his tools in the hall and we flew at each other. The next thing I knew his overalls were off and we were making love in my bed.

"Philip was good and we had quite an intense sexual relationship but Adam is something else. He really did blow my mind."

She added: "I'd recommend every woman try a Pole at least once. They're fantastic."

As soon as the kitchen was finished she told Philip their six-month relationship was over and moved into Adam's home in nearby Worsley.

The grinning Pole, who came to Britain from the town of Bialystok ten months ago, said: "In Manchester there is no snow, is more money, is more going on, and is more pretty girls.

"In my home country girls are not so pretty. Girls here, they like having a good time.

"I go out for a drink and the girls they love my accent. They think I am very nice."

But he insists he now only has eyes for Lindsey, saying: "When I met her I knew she was something special. We make love all the time. She is very good at being a lover."


Facilities manager Philip, 34, no longer talks to Lindsey—who is looking for a new job.

She said he had destroyed their photos and dumped some of her clothes at the tip.

Philip told us: "The only good thing to come of this I suppose is she waited until the kitchen was done before telling me.

"I've not paid him for that and I won't be paying him. He's had my girlfriend—what more can I say."


Re: no snow, more money, more going on, and more pretty girls

Chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV - ideal presents for the folks back home.