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Getting divorced

No, silly. Not me! Getting divorced generally.

January 7 is 'D-Day' - the critical day of the year when feuding couples are most likely to start divorce proceedings.

After holding fire over the festive season, whether for the sake of the children, the relatives or that mountain of presents under the tree, more couples seek to end their marriages in early January than at any other time.

Too much yuletide togetherness can prove disastrous for those already under stress, the festivities serving to accentuate rather than mend the cracks in the relationship.

Three quarters of new year divorces are instigated by women who, by and large, are less willing to settle for an unsatisfactory relationship than they were in less emancipated times.

A survey carried out by advice website InsideDivorce.com reveals that infidelity is the main cause, cited by 44 per cent of women, followed by abuse (40 per cent), boredom (29 per cent) and a lack of sex (22 per cent). Among men, the single biggest complaint (36 per cent) is lack of sex.

"People are quicker to throw in the towel on a bad marriage than ever before," says Derek Bedlow, of InsideDivorce.com.

Re: Getting divorced

They should give kids lessons in love and respect. People in the UK go into life totally unprepared for love relationships. I think many people over here are totally obsessed with sex to the detriment of anything deeper. Teens seem to sleep around an awful lot more than they used to. They don't seem to be taught to value sex as something special. Of course that screws people up. I've noticed it especially screws men up but they try to ignore it. I'm no prude, but I think lax attitudes to sex are at the centre of the divorce culture in the UK.

In Poland there is less divorce but that does not mean that people have good marriages. They are just more likely to work at it for religious reasons, plus a couple is more part of the extended family. Of course these days that is all changing. You never used to hear of Poles having sex before marriage. If they did then they would wait until they were engaged and then marry. These days however, it seems commonplace.