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Jan III Sobieski rides to save Eurabia


The Church of England Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali (from a persecuted Pakistani Christian family) said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph that Poles have saved many areas from being entirely overrun by radical Islamists.

The PC brigade are having a field day.

The Imam of Oxford said on UK TV yesterday that there is no difference between the church bells in Oxford and him putting up loudspeakers on his minarets and blasting out his muslim screeches five times a day.

Yes, there is a difference matey. It's called several hundred years.

I used to go food shopping in the Pakistani ghetto in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire (which has produced 4 suicide bombers, and counting). In that area I was persona non grata, for being a white foreigner. In my 'own' country.

Imagine the Hajnal being drowned out by alien screeches of Allah-u-Akhbar ... and being told off for complaining on grounds of equal rights.

Re: Jan III Sobieski rides to save Eurabia

Non-white alien immigration is something Poland seems to be actively encouraging. Parts of Poland won't be much different to shitholes like Wembley and Leeds in twenty years time.