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Areas of attraction

Areas of attraction

From Warsaw Business Journal

by Konrad Kiedrzy�ski

A new report ranks Poland's voivodships in terms of FDI attractiveness

The Silesia voivodship was the most attractive region for foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2007, according to the Investment attractiveness of Polish voivodships and sub-regions 2007 report published by the Gdańsk Institute for Market Economics (IBnGR). Silesia was followed by the Dolnośląskie and Mazowieckie voivodships, while Lubelskie and Podlaskie sat at the bottom of the list. IBnGR's report was presented in December by the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency.

"There is a variety of factors that foreign investors take into account when choosing a place to invest. Our report gives a general picture," said Tomasz Kalinowski, head of the IBnGR team which prepared the report.

The key factors presented in the report were human resources and labor costs, followed by the voivodships' efforts to attract investors, transport infrastructure, and the size of the local market and economic infrastructure. Social infrastructure and general security were also factors presented in the report.

Silesia ranked best in terms of HR and labor costs. It was also the leader in social infrastructure and came in second in economic infrastructure and in local market.

Although it held the top spot in both 2005 and 2006, Silesia may soon lose its position, especially since lower-ranked voivodships have increased their efforts to draw investors, Kalinowski said.

It will take a lot of time for the least attractive areas to climb to the very top, however.

"Do not expect me to say that voivodships like Kujawsko-Pomorskie will soon overtake Silesia," Kalinowski said, pointing to the gap between the least- and most-developed regions of Poland. This gap will not disappear in just a couple of years, Kalinowski added.

Attractiveness of voivodships in 2007

Voivodship Overall indicator Position in the value 2006 ranking

1. Silesia 0.86 1

2. Dolnośląskie 0.73 3

3. Mazowieckie 0.61 2

4. Małopolskie 0.31 4

5. Wielkopolskie 0.30 5

6. Ł�dzkie 0.09 7

7. Pomorskie 0.03 6

8. Zachodniopomorskie 0.03 8

9. Opolskie 0.00 9

10. Lubuskie -0.06 10

11. Kujawsko-Pomorskie -0.31 11

12. Podkarpackie -0.35 13

13. Warmińsko-Mazurskie -0.38 12

14. Świętokrzyskie -0.55 14

15. Lubelskie -0.64 15

16. Podlaskie -0.69 16


Pretty accurate...Expats’ view of Poland is contingent upon where they live

Re: Areas of attraction

According to this all the worst areas are in the EAST of Poland.

Re: Areas of attraction

Yes, 'Poland B' as it's commonly referred to.

Re: Areas of attraction

there is some very nice countryside to the east of Poland, just terrible transport links. Bieszczady is particularly spectacular if you can stomach the journey.

Re: Areas of attraction

This is why the Via Baltica is so important.

It is also why building the road through a tourist attraction is stupid.

Transportation infrastructure is needed in that area but the major growth job creation industry will remain tourism.

Re: Areas of attraction

Bieszczady is just fantastic, tough journey (village knackered busses) but well worth the trip.
One of my favorite parts of Poland.

Re: Areas of attraction

As I have said many times in the past, the west of Poland is no worse than most other rural parts of Poland. It's the east that has huge problems.

Re: Areas of attraction

it's not very scenic in the west

Re: Areas of attraction

On our visit we thought that the countryside around Poznan and Wroclaw was very nice. We can't compare east with west as we didn't go further east than Poznan.

Re: Areas of attraction

Angela, parts of the east are mile upon mile of stunning and unspoilt meadowlands and forests. Springs and Summers filled with the heady scent of flowers that you rarely come across in the UK in these days of mass pollution and intensive farming. Masses of wildlife too. It will be a shame when that all changes.

Re: Areas of attraction