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Re: Polish price increases

"Poland is doing well because of the billions of euros coming in from western Europe in EU handouts."

Pure nonsense.

I realize that it sounds cute and sarcastic and it’s nice to be able to quote Guardian op eds, but that’s a real simpleton way of looking at the issue.

Availability of EU funds is in no way indicative of the economy. Not to say they don’t play a role, but by stating incorrectly that “Poland is doing well because of the billions of euros coming in from western Europe in EU handouts” you are omitting a host of other factors, such as: FDI, stock market indexes, unemployment, productivity, rate of investment, and business as well as consumer spending.

EU funds are designated for infrastructure and cultural development. It shifts budgetary burden away from the Polish government, but it is not the engine behind Poland’s growth. Polish economy grew at faster pace during the 1990’s without any EU funding.

It also noteworthy to mention that over 70% of EU grants go unclaimed in Poland and are simply reinjected into next year’s budgets.

Re: Polish price increases

I agree with Mike. Most EU grants will be going on much needed improvements to infrastructure - roads, sanitation, border controls in the east etc. The odd controversial few will be wasted on "cultural events" somewhere near Hans.

Poland is doing well because of overseas investment by foreign companies and those (such as Mike) who are of Polish origin but living abroad. Or people like Hans who see investment opportunities there. Much of the success in Poland is also due to the extremely hard work many Poles put into business ventures. I know many people there who have very well run shops, factories, hotels etc. They are doing well as a result of their efforts. They are very driven and hardworking. I am basing my comments on my experiences on the area from Krakow towards Zakopane. An area which is definitely thriving right now as a direct result of the hard work of the people living there (and with help from eu investments in roads and sanitation!).