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Currency exchange - what's the best way?

I have a fair amount of sterling I want to change into euros.

Has anyone any ideas/experience?

Re: Currency exchange - what's the best way?

Depends how large it is and how comfortable you are carrying cash around :) Bureau de changes are by far your best bet in my experience - you just have to hunt around a bit for one with the best rate.

Avoid the banks at all costs - they will rip you off. Our bank has been a little miffed by us withdrawing cash, taking it across the road and paying it in again - but it can save you quite a lot of money.

I have found by far the best way is to speak to some local bureau de changes and

Re: Currency exchange - what's the best way?

Sorry - errm
A substantial amount of money ...

Re: Currency exchange - what's the best way?

Kantors, but be very careful you get the right change. Go with a Polish friend as a witness.

Re: Currency exchange - what's the best way?

Maybe use some of the money you will save to hire a bodyguard to escort you to the Kantor ;)

You will usually be able to get a special rate for larger amounts - so it's worth discussing with them beforehand (and also to make sure they will have enough cash!)