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Re: Love thy neighbor

“As for being Christian: most Poles has never read or own a Bible. The content to most is a complete mystery. “

Pure nonsense

Most Poles simply do not like carpetbagger Germans. Your perceptions are skewed.

As far as the Bible: two of my older siblings had to memorize the order of books in the Old as well as New Testament during their religion classes, as well as every major story. This was back in the 80’s (during communist Poland). I went to a Catholic school in the US and the curriculum was far less stringent. Notable that back then in Poland religion classes were purely voluntary yet nearly every child attended.

Bible quotes and biblical characters are ingrained in Polish folklore and traditions.

Re: Love thy neighbor

I'd think most Polish Catholics will know the New Testament inside out as that is the main focus of Catholicism. It's quoted at every mass and you have to know if for confirmation. The emphasis at Catholic schools in the UK is usually more on new rather than old.

I think in Poland all the schools used to be secular because of communism so the only religious education was through church and home. I wonder whether bibles were freely available in those days in the way they are now, given that communists frowned on organised religion.

Re: Love thy neighbor

People who are not local are easy targets for being ripped off, taxis, food, accommodation and of recent times Real Estate.
I wonder how many people have paid through the nose when buying a house or land and later finding out the property they brought was only worth half.
I have to admit in Oz things are a bit different.