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Re: Brits are ignorant hypocrites

"The UK divorce system gives women with children financial encouragement to divorce their husband and take up with another man."

Is this true?

BTW - has anybody been keeping up with the McCartney divorce trial news ?

Re: Brits are ignorant hypocrites

Magda, it goes like this:

Blair didn't like couples slagging each other off in court trying to find "blame" for marital breakdown. The idea was that it harmed the post-divorce relationship and the kids.

So, we went to a no-blame situation of divorce on demand. That made it easier to end married relationships and accentuated the current discriminatory legal mindset, where men are penalised by the courts habitually splitting the possessions 50/50 and imposing alimony settlements regardless of blame. And regardless of whether the woman enters into a new relationship essentially on the same terms but with another man.

Put 2 and 2 together. The wife meets a new man. She petitions for a no-blame divorce (I'm tired of him). The family home gets sold (or he is forced to move out). He pays alimony, while she has her job and the money coming in from the new man.

In sum - divorce gives the woman a one-off massive payment and sets her up in a new relationship where there are two and a half salaries coming in. The man ends up in poky, bachelor accommodation - often rented - that he's embarrassed to bring his kids to, thus reinforcing his general uselessness.

In the UK, 75% of divorces are initiated by women. Ever thought why that is?

Re: Brits are ignorant hypocrites

And as for Heather, well - as part of some charity work I lived in the same house as a prostitute and she was obsessed with money.

4 years for GBP 55 million.

That's more than a 40 year-old whore can normally get, though she came off the game several years before she met Paul McC.

And he's not the first silly old man.

Re: Brits are ignorant hypocrites

I read that as soon as she gets her cash she plans to leave Britain. She reckons nobody likes her