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FOLLOWING last week's story in the Daily Express highlighting
problems in the town which are being blamed on immigrants, the Citizen has spoken to one foreign worker to find out what living in
Wisbech is like.

The worker, who isn't being identified, has been in this country for seven years and worked all the time – apart from a spell of maternity leave.

She feels settled and hasn't experienced any great problems – only a change of attitude by some people in the town when they hear her accent.

Coming for the Ukraine, the worker speaks English well but still has an accent.

"I don't have any problems when I walk home, I don't go out that much, the only problem is sometimes when people hear my accent they are not so polite in the shops but mostly they are all nice people.

"Sometimes I wish I could speak English without my accent. I work like everyone else, I don't claim benefits, it's no different for me than English people who go to countries like New Zealand and Portugal to live."

She doesn't like being tarred with the same brush by the minority who give foreigners a bad name and believes there should be a better selection process for letting immigrants into this country.

"I don't think it is fair when people come into this country to steal or sell drugs or don't work and claim benefits. They should not be able to enter this country or claim benefits – there should be some
laws to stop them from coming in," she said.

Most of the workers she comes into contact with are hard workers – mainly students who come over to work for six months before going back home.

"They work long hours and hard to earn what they can. Many come from different backgrounds and are students studying for degrees."

The mum hopes to return home to the Ukraine eventually but believes it is a better standard of life here for her family – although she misses friends and relatives back home.

The Citizen also spoke to a local employer who sees both sides of the foreign culture.

He sees hard workers wanting to better themselves and others who only want to drink.

His line of bus
iness involves Polish, Lithuanian and Latvians and one thing he does believe in, is: "You can't tarnish a whole nation by the actions of a few people."

The Citizen isn't naming the employer, who we contacted as a person who deals with both British and foreign workers.

Speaking about his foreign workers, he said: "I would say the majority are good, hard workers but there are a lot of wasters – natural drinkers, who come over here with no money and don't want to work for it," he said.

He said some of the immigrants do drink from the morning but asked what reputation do the British have abroad and are we also tarnished by the actions of a minority?

He also refuted claims that foreign workers get jobs over locals saying this is not the case in his business.

He said he would consider any English person who comes into his office who is prepared to work and isn't a "time-waster".